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Here are our favourite predictons which came true in 2014.

The phrase “oil crash” will be all over the news.

The price of Oil has crashed, and is getting worse.


Disturbed weather patterns in the USA

The Polar Vortex froze the northern parts of the USA.


Amelia Earhart will be in the news more and more.

Parts of her plane were found this year.


Glasses on the market soon to help with reading disability like dyslexia or specific types of vision impairment.


A new font has been created to help dyslexic people read normally.


Comedian arrested…not good for their image at all….

Bill Cosby.


Irish house prices go up and then dip again.

House prices are expected to fall as new mortgage rules come into force.


Self-driving cars in the news.



Scots will say no.

They did.


Bono to watch his health


He had a terrible bike accident recently.


Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick marriage trouble.


Already separated.


Another baby for Robbie Williams.

Yes and he made a total porkchop of himself during his wife’s labour.


A wedding for Adele.

Yes! She announced it last month.


Samantha Lewthwaite, the “white widow” and terrorist at large will be caught.

Is she? Isn’t she? Newspapers say yes.


Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk will make moves to colonise Mars.

This has been in the news all year. He is in a race with Dutch company Mars One to do the same.


Gwyneth Paltrow’s marriage in jeopardy.


They “consciously uncoupled”.


Pope Francis visit the USA.


Yes he will visit Chicago soon.


Flying cars in the news.

Yes where can I get one!


Baby for Wills and Kate. It will be a girl.


We wait to see…


Young very famous female star dies.




Sinkholes in the news.


This is the second year that sinkholes have been in the news, and 2014’s sinkholes have been so much creepier.


Pregnancies for both Blake Lively and Jessica Biel.


Both pregnant!


The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio will be damaged.


It was hit by lightning right before the World Cup.


A Chinese company will give Apple and Samsung a run for their money in the mobile phone market.


Chinese startup Xiaomi was the No. 1 smartphone maker in China in the second quarter of the year,  beating Apple and Samsung.


There will be talk of “the cloud”.

Many celebs got their i-cloud hacked into and their “nudes” stolen.


Tourism in Ireland sees a jump in numbers.


Yes up again for the second year running.


Michael O’Leary has some sort of epiphany and decides to make Ryan Air a much more palatable experience for customers. Okay it isn’t perfect but he’s getting there.


Yes O’Leary has been telling everyone all year that he’s going to be a better person.


There will be a lot of news about the resurrection of extinct species. The woolly mammoth and sabre-tooth tiger will be named.


Both of these species were the subject of cloning efforts.


Some new food trends will come out of the ocean.


After suffering severe algal blooms in Chinese seas, people have started to harvest and eat the algae.


Australia will have an awfully historic bushfire, after suffering a terrible heat wave.

In January of 2014, Australia’s bushfires had spread so wide it created its own weather system including lightning storms. Temperatures reached 50 degrees in some capital cities.


Discussions start about building a moon base for people to visit, and as a stopping place for further trips.


Chinese scientists revealed design plans for future lunar base in 2014.


Solar-powered aircraft are in the news, plus air shipping methods other than by commercial plane.


Yes solar-powered aircraft were in the news as Solar One started its test flights. And Amazon’s crazy idea for delivery drones also made news.


Separate body parts will be cloned for organ transplants; not an entire body.

This made the news all year with a significant breakthrough in 2014.


A Dublin canal will burst its banks.

Yes, several.


Enda Kenny will have a tough year.

Hello water charges.


Big news from the Hadron Collider.


Physicists just discovered two new subatomic particles in November of 2014.



Hilary will make preparations to run for president.


Go Hilary. She is gearing up.


A comet will have a near-miss with Mars.


Just this month, an ancient comet hurtled narrowly past Mars, prompting observing spacecraft to take evasive action.


A probe will be landed on an asteroid.

The Rosetta probe landed successfully on a comet.


A one-man attack on the Whitehouse.

Yep. And he got a fair way in too.


A baby for Chelsea Clinton.



Virtual reality will make a comeback with games technology.


Oculus Rift made the news all year.


Plankton in the news, for being weird.


It was found on the outside of the space station!


Bob Geldof will face illness and also try to get into space!


Bob lost his daughter in 2014, and his health has obviously suffered. Bob Geldof is counting down to his first space mission after completing his rigorous training.


World The FIFA World Cup in Brazil will see riots. FIFA referees will be in the news, but also the technology used in the game will impress us.


Riots occurred, but also technological advances made news as well.


Solar Towers will be in the news.


New Solar Power Plants are Incinerating Birds. Whoops.


UK politician Nick Clegg will have a huge tantrum or resign.


As of November, his popularity is the lowest it’s ever been.


Pluto will make big news in 2014, taking a bit of attention away from the current darling, Mars.


Pluto is a planet again! Hooray! Also a “sleeping” probe has arrived at the 9th planet and awoken!


Irish Weather –September tries its hardest to give us an Indian summer.


Yes! We did have an Indian summer!


A second pregnancy for Brian O’Driscoll and Amy Huberman.

Yes! Billy was born in November.


China starts a massive environmental cleanup that will eventually impress the pants off everyone.


China Leads in Renewable Investment in 2014, and has even bigger investment plans for 2015.


A replica of the Titanic will make the news.

China built one, beating Australia in its journey to build one.


There will be a cosmetic surgery boom all over the world.


Up all over the world as people become obsessed with looking good for their “selfies”.


There will also be a plane mishap in Ireland, but not too serious.

Two Ryan Air jets collided in 2014, and their wing tips were mashed. No injuries. Phew.


Teleportation of tiny organisms is a success.


Physicists have succeeded in teleporting the quantum state of a photon to a crystal over 25 kilometres of optical fibre.


The Vatican will have a much better year than the previous years, especially because “lost” pages of the Bible are found.


It is based on manuscript found in British Library dating back 1,450 years has made news this year, being dubbed, “The Lost Gospel”.





What do you think? Is Old Moore on the money in 2014?


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