Old Moore makes some predictions for 2014.

Assad’s empire in Syria falls

Betty White will pass

Disturbed weather patterns in the USA

Death within the Kardashian family.

Justin Bieber car crash

Lindsay Lohan car crash

Robots will take over the boring parts of our jobs



-Peanut related deaths in the news/Epipens laws under review

-Ireland’s “recovery” slips backwards

-Emigration numbers up again

-Fukushima in the news going into 2015

-Water supply problems in Asia and Australia

-Earthquake for China

-Whale stories hit the news

-Gold in the news

-Canary Islands in the news

-Data traffic is rising, end of “free internet” as the net architecture struggles to keep up.

-Thumb Print Scanners on the rise

-Translation apps will become available that can translate between two different language speakers in real time.


-Madeleine McCann: The world “well” will feature soon.

-MH370: Old Moore hears “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. He says that points to the plane rolling and is in deep ocean. It will be a while yet before facts come to light. The pilot’s family is withholding information about the pilot’s state of mind.

-Jellyfish all over the world will be in the news.

-An epic storm for Ireland.

-Greenland in the nws

-The Pope is in the news once agin re: health.

-Lab meats will take off with a new innovation.

-Cars powered by compressed air will be in the news. A celebrity driver will boost their profile

-A helicopter incident will make news.




-News about Madeleine McCann to break soon

-News about MH370 within 2 weeks

-Amelia Earhart will be in the news more and more.

-Glasses on the market soon to help with reading disability like dyslexia or specific types of vision impairment.

-Google Glass in Court

-Big Star pregnancy shock.

-Someone famous has a heart attack on stage.

-Comedian arrested…not good for their image at all….



-UK economy is crisis. Debt spirals out of control and government can’t bail out any more.

-Spotlight on a secretive company working towards making living forever a possibility.

-Houseprice market tanks AGAIN in the USA and this time in Canada too. Ireland goes up and then dips again. Sigh.

-Stories about price hikes for energy all over the world.

-Self-driving cars in the news.

-Celebrities test-driving a new type of car.

-Passwords will become obsolete and other forms of identity recognition will be used.

-An oil spill.

-John Travolta and Kelly Preston marriage in jeopardy.

-Germany in danger of terrorist threat.

-Coma patient wakes up and has a story to tell.

-Scots will say no.

-Difficult pregnancy for Chelsea Clinton.

-Another very famous young female star passes.



-When MH370 is found (there is still a bit of work to be done yet) some information will be found on electronic devices that will point investigators in the right direction.

-A cargo ship or fishing vessel (not for passengers) will be in the news

-A big fire for Ireland

-Plastic bags in the news

-Very famous person with cancer

-Record heat in an unexpected place

-Pope gets a reputation as being a bit of a rock star

-Ireland will be named number one country at something

-Bono to watch his health



-Lindsey Lohan is writing a tell-all book

-Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis relationship troubles in the long run.

-Tories of the UK will descend into bitter in-fighting.

-George Bush: some information will come out, putting his “intelligence” in a bad light.

-Putin will be/almost will be brought down by those closest to him.

-Gold market falls and then rises again by the end of 2014. Buy in about 2 months.

-Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick marriage trouble.

-Another baby for Robbie Williams.

-A wedding for Adele.

-Samantha Lewthwaite, the “white widow” and terrorist at large will be caught soon.

-Fukushima contamination stories will get worse.

-China’s spies will be busted, much to the world’s consternation.

-The Pope will start an investigation into operations of the Vatican. He hopes to flush out the evil…

-Simon Cowell and his partner are not going to last the long haul.




-Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk will make moves to colonise Mars.

-Gwyneth Paltrow’s marriage in jeopardy.

Miley Cyrus will go to rehab. Miley Cyrus and Lenny Kravitz have an affair.

-An assassination attempt on Edward Snowden. It could go either way.

-Scientists put forward a theory that we have an identical twin universe that’s the mirror image of ours.

-Discussion of men and women in the military to be segregated. 

-Many countries will work together to start an asteroid shield programme.

-Michael Douglas in the news.

-Pinterest will be bought by a huge player.

-Earthquakes in Alaska and New Zealand.

Pope Francis to appoint the first woman to a position in the Vatican. Also he plans a visit to the USA.

Oprah Winfrey starts a TV station in Africa.

Colosseum in Rome in the news.

Earthquake in Japan.

Stockmarkets around the world will close for a short period of time.

More scandal for Tom Cruise.

Massive pipeline project for water to be built.




Another cruise ship mishap.

Discussions of a single world electronic currency.

A flood in London, affecting the underground.

Tsunami in an English-speaking country, and an earthquake for Europe.

The Catholic Church changes its view on gay marriage.

Bill Clinton in hospital, and Bill Gates also hospitalised. Lady Gaga also very sick.

Overseas, the passing of Fidel Castro, and George Bush Sr. In Europe, Prince Philip passing.

Last year of reign for Queen Elizabeth. Prince William will be the next King of England.

A terrorist act around St. Patrick’s Day.

Disneyland in the news in 2014.

Flying cars in the news.

Trouble for Britney Spears in Vegas. Legal and family.

Brangelina will be no more. Katy Perry and John Mayer go to Spiltsville. Ellen and Portia to split. Also Celine Dion to divorce. But, Paris Hilton is engaged.

Baby boy for Chelsea Clinton, Beyoncé, and another adoption for Sandra Bullock. Baby for Selena Gomez, and Rhianna, and of course, Wills and Kate. It will be a girl.

Young very famous female star dies.

Life on Mars.

Food scares around fruit and vegetables.

Winter Olympics makes Putin look good, despite protests and terrorist acts/threats.

Kanye and Kim have a big wedding, but their love won’t last.

Big pollution/accident story for China in 2014.

Volcano for Iceland.

Pope Francis is hospital for a lung problem.

Sinkholes in the news, especially in Egypt.


Pregnancies for both Blake Lively and Jessica Biel.


-The Irish government has a debacle with software.

-The word PRISM enters the media.

-A scandal around Obama but it will turn out to be false.

-There will be a lot of news around the USA’s education system.

-2013 was the year of the spider, but 2014 will be the year of the diamond. Diamonds will be in the news all year.


-A nuclear accident for 2014.

-Insurance companies fail across the world and the insurance paradigm shifts.

-Food price inflation stories in the news all year.

-Medical marijuana breakthroughs.

-The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio will be damaged.

-Earthquake on the China/Russia border.

-Hillary WILL be the next American president after Obama. She quietly and slowly starts her campaign in 2014.

-A Chinese company will give Apple and Samsung a run for their money in the mobile phone market.

-In IT, there will be talk of “the cloud”. Big expensive companies will struggle to compete with smaller companies offering more space on their “little” clouds.

-The term “big data” will be in the news in 2014.

-Wearable smart electronics will be the latest must-have.

-There will be a big controversy about the Eurovision in 2014.

-Alec Baldwin shows an interest in entering politics.

-An earthquake for the Caribbean.

-A satellite crash makes news.

-A Bollywood film will have mainstream success in the West.

-Cargo ships in the news in 2014.

-Paris Jackson gears up to legally take control of her father’s estate.

-Panama will be in the news in 2014.

-An Irish fishing vessel will be in the news in 2014.

-Digital camera market tanks, people now use their phones to take photos.

-Mood-sensitive home décor comes onto the market.

-“Smart-paint” will start to come onto the market, containing nano-materials.

-Assisted lane-keeping systems in trucks and buses. And, pollution-monitor systems will be built into cars.

-Tourism in Ireland sees a jump in numbers.



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