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We have some fabulous predictions in the hard copy of the magazine. But for those of you who want more, here are a few things for you to think about.

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*Donald Trump will be in the news soon…marbles are being lost.

*Binge drinking will be in the news. Old Moore feels that someone famous, or their offspring will pass from alcohol poisoning.

*A big scandal soon for McDonalds. Maybe you shouldn’t buy that not-so-happy meal.

*Old Moore says a waterfall will be in the news soon. It will be dried up or will mark the beginning of a new era.

*Old Moore is seeing golden handcuffs. He says that he thinks this means that someone really wealthy will be going to prison.


*Bill Clinton will undergo surgery.

*Irish Country Singer Derek Ryan will have a big hit with one of his songs.

*There is talk about 5G systems for mobile phones. We can’t keep up!

*Madonna’s son, Rocco Ritchie, will be in the news.

*The figures used the calculate Europe coming out of recession are questioned and have to be recalculated.

*There will be a discovery in quantum physics that will be such a breakthrough it will bring in a new era. It will be advantageous for air travel.

*Starbucks will be in the news.

*Tigers will make the news, there will be none left in the wild soon.

*Madonna will have a health crisis, something to do with her blood.

*Prince Harry finds THE ONE in 2013.

*HIV breakthrough!

*Pakistan will suffer flooding

*A building will collapse in an English-speaking country

*Big news will break that will rock the Church of Scientology

*Danger at the Vatican.

*Fish life will dry up.

*Super snow storm for New York around Christmas.

*Earthquake for USA and soon.

*A large car company goes bankrupt.

*Breakthrough for lupus.

*Many other medical breakthroughs towards the end of 2013.

*Jack Nicholson in hospital.

*Cher will have a health crisis.

*Media stories around a hotel on the moon.

*Ellen Degenres to adopt a child.

* Irish actor Robert Michael Sheehan’s career will skyrocket after he lands a big role.

*Unrest in Puerto Rico

*Chinese leader in the news for ill health.

*Slavery ring broken, people freed.

*Cargo ship in the news.

*Tsunami around Christmas

*Famous person involved in a fatal ski accident.

* A major Hollywood actress will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

*Pippa is missing in action when Kate delivers!

*The Queen of England has a health crisis.

*A dam break in Europe.

*Earthquake for India.

*Something very interesting will be found on Mars…can’t wait!

*New technology will come onto the market allowing people to sleep less but still feel like they have had a full night’s sleep.

*Bill Clinton in hospital. He will be okay in the end but it is close.

*Food riots in Europe

*Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in new relationships by the end of the year. Both new partners are HOT!

*Susan Sarandon in the news.

*Insane hayfever in the news.

*Marie Osmond in the news.

*Obama’s life is in danger.

*Long-term, Kate Middleton will have a girl first, and then a boy.

*Kelly Preston and John Travolta in the news again. It’s not good.

*Ex US preisdent Jimmy Carter will be in the news, sadly.

*”Hack attacks” will be in the news. Countries will face aggressive cyber attacks by other countries, this will involve banks, corporations and government.

*Some famous jewels will be in the news!

*2014 will have lots of sun in summer.

*An earthquake is coming soon, it is a biggie and in Asia.

*Someone Irish will score a huge lotto-like win in 2013. Is it you?

*A cruise ship will again be in the news, another huge problem.

*Train accident somewhere in Europe. There is a lot of smoke and fire.

*Famous politician will be assassinated.

*A sex scandal in a new world country.

*The new Pope will be young as far as Popes go, in his 60s. The name Peter is significant, whether it be his name or the name he adopts.

*A Hollywood celebrity with a name starting with an “A” will pass over in 2013.

* Old Moore has correctly predicted the due date of Wills’ and Kate’s baby will fall in July. However, he predicts now that while that is the official date, he feels the baby will come early! Yikes!

*Another country singer will pass over this year.

* Old Moore sees a controversy with the Arctic over the next few years. That is, it will be naked! Ice will be gone from large tracts of it.

* Old Moore sees Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakisanti girl who pushed for education rights for young girls, will win a peace prize. She will be in danger her whole life, however.

*Old Moore sees the world CONTAMINATION all over the newspapers. This is a separate issue to the horse meat scandal. He also sees it probably related to water and subsequently food. But CONTAMINATION will be a big deal some time this year.

* Hugh Hefner will pass over before the end of 2013

*Mugabe will experience as assassination attempt, and it looks like he will pass over.

*Google servers will be attacked by terrorists, and it will weaken their position in the market as the competition takes advantage of their downtime.

*A non-commercial search engine will appear, like BBC for TV this will be a non-commercial search engine for Europe. This is not good news for a blown-up Google.

*Spain’s economy will collapse. France will try to exit but won’t manage this for several years.

*A landslide somewhere on the British coastline. Maybe an Island.

*Deaths: George Bush Sr, Fidel Castro of Cuba, Prince Phillip, and Venezuela President Hugo Chavez.

*A wedding for Kim and Kanye. Of course. It will be loud and fluffy.

*Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake may be totally in love, and a baby will enter the picture. However, the marriage will not last the long haul.

*Justin Bieber will go into acting, both TV and the movies.

*U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden will get a grave diagnosis soon, perhaps Alzheimer’s. He will be replaced by a female politician.

*Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony will finally be caught.

*More problems for the Catholic Church and the Vatican. Even bigger problems than last year!

*A tsunami in the Pacific, affecting Australia.

*Rob Patterson and Kristen Stewart will marry and a baby will come into the picture.

*Barack Obama will suffer several assassination attempts in 2013. He will beef up his security.

*Russell Brand in rehab in 2013.

*Johnny Depp is being a bit of a floosy in 2013. He gets a randomer pregnant.

*Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez will have a new addition to their family in 2013.

*John Travolta will also add to his brood.

*Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will enter into an awful custody battle. Tom is serious, so serious he might even denounce his religion.

*More sex scandals for Washington.

*There will be another tragic shooting in the west of America, in cowboy country, and another one somewhere on a campus in the heat…maybe Miami.

*Two major Hollywood celebs will come out of the closet in 2013. One jumps out themself and the other one is pushed.

*Oprah Winfrey will have a fall. And a wedding, her own?

*Unfortunately there will be a serious plane crash on a well-known airline in 2013. It could be two planes crashing, but either way it is very serious.

*George Bush Jnr will have an assassination attempt made on his life. It seriously wasn’t me.

*A new song will create a dance craze around the world. Then by the end of the year you will wish for it to go away like never before.

*Train accident in China. Also a large-scale mining disaster.

*Demonstrations by young people in China, demanding more democracy and freedom.

*A famous boxer will die.

*Rihanna and Chris Brown will get engaged but it won’t last. It’s a hot mess.

*Japan and China will butt heads in 2013.

*Mysterious mass bird and fish deaths.

*A space crash between satellites or with space junk. Either way things don’t look good on the ground.

*There will be a disease that will affect horses in 2013. Also sheep will be affected by a different disease.

*A devastating earthquake in the Caribbean. Also an earthquake for the Seattle area in the USA. An Earthquake for somewhere in the British Isles. I hope it isn’t us!

*An Earthquake for Moscow. An Earthquake for New Zealand and Australia. An earthquake for Iran.

*Cuba and Puerto Rico discuss becoming part of the USA after Castro dies.

*An escalator/elevator accident in a very famous building.

*Lightening will strike sportsmen mid-game, maybe tennis or golf or cricket.

*Pyramids of Egypt will be in the news.

*More shark attacks for the Pacific.

*A terrible drought for Africa.

*Terrorist attack in Frankfurt.

*A child actor will die.

*Ralph Lauren in hospital.


What do you think of these predictions? Time will tell! Add your comments below…and feel free to provide your own predictions!

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