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Old Moore got them all right. Be prepared to be amazed. Again.

There will be continued economic stagnation in Ireland. Small improvements will start to happen at the end of 2014.

According to this article, Ireland is very slowly pulling itself out of the mire. However the State’s credit profile remained constrained by “high public debt level, still-sizeable fiscal deficits and significant banking sector risks, including a high stock of non-performing loans.” So it ain’t all roses. Let’s just keep our heads down and keep selling our wares people.

The government is unsettled and politics gets crass.

Well there is an election coming up, it is always crass. Let’s so how desperate the election promises get as the election date approaches us.

The price of food is about to go crazy. There will be food riots in some countries.

According to this article, since the beginning of 2014, riots have occurred in countries including Thailand and Venezuela. “Although they’re different cultures on different continents, these mass protests movements may all have one commonality; increasing food prices may have contributed to their occurrence. The cost of food has been steadily increasing in both Thailand and Venezuela; last month demonstrators in Caracas took to the streets marching with empty pots to protest food shortages.”

Some new food trends will come out of the ocean.

This is really something. At the moment, China’s coastline has surrendered to the biggest algal bloom ever recorded in the nation’s history. Their best seaside resorts are suffocating beneath its freakish tumescence. So there is only one thing to do – eat it. Some algae aficionados in China choose to take their Enteromorpha prolifera in a stock of duck soup with eggs to offset the tartness. Others devour the seaborne biohazard in a pancake. Take a look at this page to see what it looks like served up as a meal. I have to say I’d eat it. But exotic Chinese meals aside, algae is seen as the next big thing in delivering high nutrient meals which don’t contribute to the carbon burden already placed on the world. This article claims that we should all start eating algae, because algae companies are extracting omega-3 and omega-7 fatty acids directly from their crops and they are insanely healthy. Yummy.


Traditional newspapers and magazines will become increasingly obsolete, and internet content viewing will surpass traditional TV viewing.

According to this article, people are turning away from traditional newspapers. And this article, published just two months ago, says that according to a new study from Pew Research, 46% of American adults said that Internet would be the most difficult technology to go without, with phones a close second and TV in third place. Or you could just watch TV on the internet like everyone else is doing now.Yep, traditional TV is dead. 

There will be drama around the new World Trade Centre. While it has been built to withstand the worst types of terrorism, one little pocket of madness will get through.

And this here is the pocket of madness. Four daredevils involved in a jump from the top of New York’s World Trade Centre in September have been arrested. This video footage filmed on a helmet camera shows the men carrying out the stunt, known as BASE jumping. This gave security officials a conniption. And so it should. It begs the question: If these dudes can get through…who else can breach security?

Australia will have an awfully historic bushfire, after suffering a terrible heat wave.

In February of 2014 this happened. Seventy bushfires burnt across large swathes of Victoria, destroying homes and farms. This was after one of the worst heatwaves ever recorded, daytime temps were 45 degrees in Melbourne.

Gene therapy will have its moment, starting humans on the road to eradication of hereditary illnesses.

A raft of articles like this one came into the news in 2014, as Western Countries experience a boom in biological fortune-telling. Scientists are now able look at an embryo pre-implantation and give it a genetic diagnosis. If it has a heredited illnes such as Huntington’s Disease then it isn’t implanted, instead, the embryos that are free from the disease are used. See a story about this here.

Discussions start about building a moon base for people to visit, and as a stopping place for further trips.

The discussion DID start! In fact, this article is begging Americans to pull their finger out and beat the Chinese to it. So what will this lunar base look like? Scientists at the Global Lunar Conference in Beijing unveiled a preliminary plan of what a future lunar base on the moon would like when it is built in the year 2050. The first lunar base will be constructed underground.

Cancer will be linked with stress.

This fascinating article shows just that. New research study supports the position that chronic stress plays a role in cancer progression in humans. According to researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Centre, stress acts as a sort of fertiliser that significantly accelerates the spread and progression of breast cancer in animals. Immune cells, which normally protect the body against disease, are being biologically reprogrammed through stress into cells that actually help cancers grow and metastasize. So everyone, just damn relax.

A new company will arise in 2014, started by young entrepreneurs, which will be as big Apple within 5 years.

Chinese company Huawei are gearing up to compete directly with both Apple and Samsung. Mostly unheard of in western markets, they plan to change this in 2014.


February will be a bit soggier than in 2013. But overall warmer than usual. If you lose your hat or gloves at this point it isn’t a disaster

February 2014 was the wettest ever recorded. Soggy is right. And temperatures were slightly above average. Old Moore, right again.



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