New Website Lets Us Fawn Over Our Animal Overlords

New Website Lets Us Fawn Over Our Animal Overlords


By Ruth Kelly

A new website is the facebook of pets. If you are an animal-owner, prepare to get sucked in.


The Japanese bunny PuiPui is getting some serious fame on the net. With its stylish costumes, it already has thousands of fans. And here lies the genius: PuiPui is all over the web in an effort to promote a bunny Café in Melbourne.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time online will know that animals rule the Internet. Cat videos are up there with the most popular YouTube videos.  And, anything with a cute animal or a pet doing something bizarre is almost guaranteed views.

So let’s look at the stats.  A survey carried out by Mars Petcare has shown just how important to the internet pets really are.

-65% of pet owners post about their pets on social media at least twice per week.

-One in six people claim that they even have an account just for their pet, and half of those who do say their pet gets more attention than they do.

-One third claim that they post as often about their pet as they do about their human family. 13% claim they post about their pet more.

-More than half of the pet owners say that they care more about the likes and comments of posts they make of their pets than any other posts.

-30% of pet owners follow famous animals on their social media accounts.

Animals make up such a large percentage of the internet that there are countless sites dedicated solely to posting about pets. (This doesn’t even include YouTube!) One such website is Snootboop.

Snootboop was created by a pet lover who moved away and who couldn’t bring their dog (named Bingo) with them. Bingo is the golden-retriever mascot for Snoot Boop and for whom the website was made. The goal of SnootBoop is to bring like-minded people together, and to fund Bingo’s move to Europe to be with his owner again.

SnootBoop users can share pictures and news stories about their pets –  and anything animal-related goes. There are posts about a dog comforting his friend after a long day. There are posts about the first baby panda to be born in China this year. You name it, if it is animal-related, it’s there.

The posts can be heart-warming or funny, random or educational. Stories about stylish bunnies will make you want to go out and buy a miniature waist-coat for the squirrel that lives in your tree. The pictures of a baby elephant frolicking in the ocean will make you want to buy your own elephant and hide him in the bathroom.

animals and other such websites are a great way to spend hours of your life laughing at the stupidity of animals. You may procrastinate and put off everything else you’re supposed to do but at least you’ll get to see some cute pets. After all, when the cat overlords are in charge who knows what will happen to the Internet?



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