Our favourite psychic gives us a glimpse into the mood of 2015.

Spring is making its way here and I am glad to welcome it, as always.

As you know I make many predictions about the future in the Almanac, some of them are just pure craic and some of them have greater information in them.

One of my predictions for 2015 was that there is a chance of another global meltdown. There are a few things that bank overlords could have done to stop this in time this month. But alas, they have been looking at their own personal bank accounts, feeling fine, and not doing what is best for everyone else. So my feeling is that they have missed opportunities to completely shift the paradigm and make things right. Instead, they have created policies that have served to “kick the can down the road.” Most of the people at the helm of these decisions are looking to their retirement pots and how full they are. They are off soon with their personal fortunes while the vast majority will feel the pain…and soon.

So my prediction for a debt bubble bursting in 2015 holds good for now. There are precious few opportunities now to turn things around. The word I keep seeing is debt. Debt. Debt. Debt. We are all addicted to debt…and the more debt we acquire, the more we seem to be rewarded.

At the moment Wall Street is happy, with record highs. But Wall Street is not connected with the rest of the domestic economy in the US or with the rest of the world. But these highs are making normal people consider entering the stock market or likewise the housing market and investing in things they normally wouldn’t. And I feel this would be a bad idea right now. The current share prices are unsustainable. And so is this debt bubble the world has engineered for itself.

My feeling is that this bubble will pop, but it will give the world the push it needs to create a fairer and more just system. The debt-driven economy can not go on. We need to change the way our money systems work. It has become more unfair than ever before and also we need to change the structures of debt. So with pain comes renewal.

Look for the first signs: interest rate rises. As soon as any bank, anywhere starts to raise interest rates the house of cards will fall. But it isn’t just the US and Europe we have to worry about. The rapid accumulation of household debt seen in Asia is unprecedented. So look for signs in Asia too. Another big red flag will be the UK discussing leaving the EU, and saying the Eurozone can’t work. While I don’t see the Eurozone failing as a whole, I see the ponzi-style house of cards falling at any time and a UK attempt at an exit. There’s only a few more crossroads to traverse until there’s no going back.

So my spring message for my followers is sell, sell, sell. And buy gold or silver as these will go up in value as things become uncertain.

As for good news, there is lots of it. As robots start to take over our jobs, many worry that this will lead to mass unemployment. In fact, no, there are new opportunities aplenty. The world of robotics is just at its dawn and new types of jobs will be created around this industry. Don’t fear it, it holds immense promise. And robots will do all the awful jobs that we hate…can you imagine a self-cleaning shower and bath? A self-cleaning toilet? Sit back and relax, because these things are on their way. And this will leave us mere humans time to do other things, like how to work out how we can thrive on Mars. And we will work it out, because the universe is our inheritance.

Be good to each other, and boldly go.

Old Moore.



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