Old Moore’s Favourite Christmas Present Ideas…

Old Moore’s Favourite Christmas Present Ideas…


Yes it’s that time of year where we try to avoid buying socks for men and cleaning gadgets for women. Here are some Christmas present ideas that seriously do not suck.


 2017 Phases Of The Moon Print


Oh this is so totally our favourite. I think we need one of these for our office wall. So if any of you are thinking about buying us a gift, this is the one. This is a 55cm x 76cm gold metallic ink screenprint calendar. But this is more than just a calendar. This has all the moon phases of the year on it.

It is simple, scientific, modern and beautiful. Make 2017 the year where you keep track of full moons and new moons.

Each poster is signed by the artist, Christy Nyboer. And after the year is over, this poster is designed so you can cut the lower half off and enjoy the upper square portion as a stunning print of the moon. Get a frame people, you are going to need it.


new1Reach for the Moon” Notebook


Also on the moon theme (we here at the Almanac love all things moon) this starry black notebook is illustrated with the eight moon phases and their names.

This could make any kid look seriously knowledgeable in science class.

The back of the notebook gives a short explanation of why we see different phases of the moon. It is 100% recycled and sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Don’t be at all afraid to send us one of these. I mean after all, we do need to be thanked for bringing you the Almanac.


spaceshirt“Once In A Blue Moon” T-shirt


Okay so yes we are obsessed with the moon here, but it is the MOON!! So this shirt is awesome. And cool.

The most prominent lunar craters have been named in honour of scholars, scientists, artists and explorers. And one is named after an Irish astronomer Annie Russell, who was born in Strabane in 1868.

This shirt is screenprinted using lightweight eco-friendly inks on a supersoft, sweatshop-free 100% cotton t-shirt. We spoke to the owner of the site, and there aren’t many of these left, so you’d better hurry if you want one!



untitledAn Oak Whiskey Barrel Wood Watch


These sexy watches are good for forests. The Original Grain upcycled watches are made with authentic American Oak reclaimed from whiskey barrels. These barrels have stored whiskey for 4 years, so you can have a desperate hope that you might get a buzz via the wristband.

The dudes making these watches are trying to save trees by using reclaimed wood, but also by planting ten trees for every watch sold. We love it!

While the watches are water resistant, swimming in general or diving off the coast of Bali isn’t what they mean by water resistant. Considering the makers use 100% all-natural wood, water will penetrate the wood and can leave stains. So be careful while being cool. Oh yes, please send us one of these. You know where to send it.



Name A Star After a Loved One

€59 to €199


Yes, you can name a star after yourself or a loved one. Once you have decided which type of star you want, this company will register your star name in the Starling Star Registry. The Starling Star Registry is an international registry for star names. It is based on the Hipparcos catalogue (named after the Hipparcos satellite). The Hipparcos is a very precise, scientific star catalogue in which all stars are numbered. These HIP numbers and the star name are brought together in the Starling Star Registry.

If you go for the full package, and choose the “brightest star” you will get a certificate, a star map showing you where your star is, documentation, stellarium software to find your star, a choice in the constellation, a colour photo of the star.

There are other companies that sell star names and also include apps to help you locate your star once you have named it, so you don’t have to stick to an Irish seller. So google and google and google some more.

Umbrella Greatness


Now, because we love the weather here at the Almanac, we are going to suggest to you an ultimate, thoughtful Irish gift. This is a new style of umbrella that Irish people and humans from Vancouver and Seattle will appreciate, with our ridiculous permanent rainfall problem. These are all places where grey, leaky skies can be “enjoyed” all year round.

But now you can have a weapon of combat and ninja-fight away the annoying drips. The Suprella Pro turns the conventional umbrella upside down. The most genius umbrella of all time opens inside out and is two times stronger than a normal umbrella. Because of this new closing mechanism you never get wet again, even when you enter or leave your car. The Suprella is sealed with a special high-tech nano coating, so it doesn’t catch and absorb wetness and liquids. The rain drops just roll off of the material. Hands, clothes, floor and furniture stay dry!


So there you have our gift suggestions for this spending-blowout season. Please feel free to buy us any of the above, we will be waiting by the mailbox!

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