Now Your Emojis Can Have SOUND…. And it’s Really Funny and Cool

Now Your Emojis Can Have SOUND…. And it’s Really Funny and Cool


A Dublin start-up is doing awesome things to emojis.

By Nicole Buckler


For a quarter of a century the world has text messaged in silence. Now a Dublin start-up aims to change that… Emojitones have just launched an app which makes emojis WITH SOUND. Like the world isn’t noisy enough.

From Ireland to India, more than 6 billion emojis are used daily to add meaning to text messages. That is insane. And the demand for culturally diverse versions has never been higher. New emojis are being rolled out every day.

And now, the Emoji 2.0 has surfaced. Irish company Emojitones are hoping for world domination with their free text messaging app for iOS and Android. They hope to add “new levels of fun, self-expression and personalisation to the unstoppable emoji phenomenon.”

As you know, and I know, kids will go straight to the poo emoji… and rightly so, the sound is something that only a doctor should assess.

Check out the demo here:

Emojitones is the brainchild of Dublin-based entrepreneur Guy de Bromhead, who said: “Even with the addition of emojis, text messaging remains relatively emotionless when compared to face to face interaction. Sound is the missing link; and what better way to deliver it than packaged with the appropriate emoji icon. Anyone who texts knows the trouble that can be caused when a message is misunderstood. The Emojitones app removes that ambiguity, empowering users to express what they really feel in images plus sound – and have fun in the process. The Emojitones product is unique in that the delivery of the emoji icons-plus-sound is instantaneous. Simply send a text message, photo or video and add your favourite emoji as usual. When the receiver swipes open the message, the cloud-hosted sounds play back inline – automatically – to create a dynamic and often hilarious new mode of messaging.”

Best of all – the tones play automatically once a text message is opened. And it’s everyone’s favourite price – free. The only downside is that you have to chat inside the app to use the sounded emojis, which means convincing your friend to get the app too. But if you can convince them, there’s no going back.
Here are the links you need to know.


Go on, emojitone someone… you know you want to.



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