Will We Get A White Christmas in 2016?

Will We Get A White Christmas in 2016?


Let’s see what Old Moore says.

Old Moore is known for his astoundingly accurate weather predictions. So what does he predict for this coming Christmas? In the 2016 edition of the Old Moore’s Almanac, he said, “You can dream of a white Christmas, the chances look good. Maybe not on Christmas Day itself, but close. This will be a very cold winter.”


I’m sure many of us would be happy to get snow either side of Christmas. But hopefully he will be wrong by a few days and we will be able to make an icy landing strip for Santa.

However there are others who think that the chance of snow is next to zero. BoyleSports has priced it up and they say it doesn’t look good for fans of snow. They have announced today that a bet on getting no snow on Christmas Day will have odds of 1/12. It is 11/2 that we will have snow recorded at Dublin Airport.

The bookmaker has also priced up which European city airport will have snow recorded on Christmas Day. Edinburgh is the favourite at 7/2; Cork however isn’t without a chance at 4/1 whilst Manchester and London are also priced at 4/1.

Belfast can be backed at 5/1 with Dublin priced at 11/2 and Cardiff on offer at 7/1.

Liam Glynn, BoyleSports spokesperson said “In the past few days we have seen the temperatures plummet, but it doesn’t look good for a white Christmas in Ireland as its odds on at 1/12 that it won’t snow on December 25th. Residents in Cork currently have a better chance of seeing snow on Christmas Day than in Dublin as it’s 4/1 that the Rebel city will record snow on Christmas Day.”

Fancy a bet on the weather?

tree-91929_960_720White Christmas Ireland – Will it Snow in Ireland on Christmas Day?

No 1/12

Yes 11/2

Where will it Snow on Christmas Day?

Edinburgh 7/2

Cork 4/1

Glasgow 4/1

Manchester 4/1

London 4/1

Belfast 5/1

Dublin 11/2

Cardiff 7/1


Here at the Almanac, we are going with Old Moore’s prediction. There will be snow, but not on Christmas Day. Lidl have their snow gear sale on this week, so get your snow stuff, you will need it this year! But you can put it away on the 25th. Sad face.


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