More People Believe in Aliens than in God

More People Believe in Aliens than in God




A niche online costume retailer has conducted a survey asking respondents to confirm whether or not they believe in a variety of mythical creatures, religious figures and science fiction concepts. And yes, people think that aliens exist and may even walk among us. And that aliens are more likely to exist than God.

Online retailer has conducted a survey in which 1,095 respondents were asked to what degree they believed certain creatures, theoretical beings and religious figures exist. Respondents were asked to select one of three options: ‘definitely exists’, ‘possibly exists’ or ‘doesn’t exist’ for ten different possibilities.

‘Extra-terrestrial Life’ received the most favourable result with 45.7% of respondents confirming they definitely believe aliens exist and 41.4% not ruling them out, leaving just 12.9% of respondents believing there is no life originating from anywhere other than Earth.

‘God’ was not far behind E.T. with 41.7% ‘definitely exists’ responses but received many more ‘doesn’t exist’ responses. ‘Satan’ received yet more unfavourable responses with 33.5% of respondents confirming they definitely believe the Devil exists and 39.4% not believing entirely.

Others that received relatively favourable responses were ‘Ghosts’ with 33.7% and 39.8% ‘definitely exist’ and ‘possibly exist’ responses, respectively, and ‘Witches’ of which a combined 50% either believed existed or thought could exist.

‘Vampires’ received the most unfavourable response with 73.1% of respondents confirming they do not believe vampires exist; although 20% did not rule them out as possibly existing. Similarly, ‘Fairies’ received 72.3% ‘doesn’t exist’ and 20.2% ‘possibly exist’ responses. The ‘Grim Reaper’ also received unfavourable responses with just 9.9% of respondents declaring their belief in the Angel of Death.

Notably, respondents who answered ‘definitely exists’ to ‘God’ were more likely to answer ‘definitely exists’ to ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Satan’ and less likely to answer ‘definitely exists’ to ‘Extra-terrestrial Life’. While those that answered ‘definitely exists’ to ‘Extra-terrestrial Life’ were more likely to answer ‘definitely exists’ to ‘Time Travellers’ and less likely to answer ‘definitely exists’ to ‘God’.

Company Director Martin Delaney said, ‘Conducting this survey has been really interesting as there are clear trends in the data. The respondents favoured either scientific theory such as aliens and time travellers or religious figures such as God and Satan.’ Mr. Delaney also noted that NASA’s ongoing search for life on Mars with its Rover Exploration project help strengthen popular belief in alien life.

Well there you have it, humans will believe in all sorts of things if let loose. May the force be with you, live long and prosper.



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