Hillary Clinton was Almost the Overlord of the USA

Hillary Clinton was Almost the Overlord of the USA


Several years ago, Old Moore predicted that sometime in our lifetime, a woman would be president. And, last year, he said that Hillary would run. She did! In the 2016 edition, he said Hillary would be the one to watch. Well, it looks like our in-house psychic-at-large was right, she certainly was one to watch, but she lost the race to His Orangeness. So let’s see who supported her while she ran…


According to betting giant BoyleSports, the money came flooding in for Hillary Clinton to become the President of the United States of America. But not only were people betting on Hill, celebrity suck ups started coming out of the woodwork to make their association with her known as it looked more and more like she would win.

George Clooney was running around holding fundraisers for her, like a good solid lick. Also Khloe Kardashian had announced on social media that she was a fan of Hill’s. While we don’t care about anything Kardashian, many, many, many millennials do. And, they vote (sometimes).

Britney Spears was also sucking up on social media to Hill, and while Brit probably doesn’t understand much about politics, her followers might. Well, they don’t, but anyway.

Demi Lovato was also a big supporter, and you kind of get the sense that Demi does know her way around politics, having been active as a student in all sorts of sticky politics. Richard Gere also swore allegiance. We liked this because he is a silver fox.

Salma Hayek, a smart cookie who is married to a billionaire, was a big fan, calling Hillary, “tough.” And I bet Hill loved those donations coming from Salma’s sugar daddy. And Lena Durham was going around calling Hill “my president” way before the election itself. This was in the same way that most of us call wine our overlord.

Queen Bey was a supporter, publicly donating her hard-earned cash to Hill’s cause. And you know Queen Bey is a girl’s girl. She down with Hill. Jo-Lo said it was time for a chick president, and Snoop Dog said he voted Hill. And when Snoop Dog gets involved in politics, you know things have got damn weird.

Hillary became a grandmother for the second time in the run-up to the election. The timing was impeccable, so great shifting, Chelsea.

So as we know now, Donald trump is the new president of the USA. And Old Moore still predicts a female president in the future for the USA. Not looking at anyone, Michelle.




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