McGregor For President, Kimye Split and Trump’s Impeachment In 2017?

McGregor For President, Kimye Split and Trump’s Impeachment In 2017?


Old Moore is famous for his predictions, but now others are getting on the bandwagon. A few bookies want you to have a flutter on events in 2017, and here is what they are predicting.


BoyleSports’ thoughts have turned to the New Year and they have some prediction specials on what 2017 might have in store. And they are focussing on what Conor McGregor will get up to this year.

Mr McGregor has conquered the UFC world, the hearts of the Irish and many around the world and was most recently crowned RTE Sportsperson of the Year. The Dubliner may continue his take over by starting in Ireland and announcing he is running for President, which is 10/1 to happen in 2017.

Despite the large odds of 10/1 for Conor McGregor to announce he will run for Irish President, when eligible, punters aren’t shying away and have even placed bets as large as €100, according to the Irish bookie BoyleSports. It would most certainly make for one entertaining election should the Notorious Dubliner decide to run.

In the pop culture world it is red hot at 1/6 that Kimye will be no more with a Kanye West and Kim Kardashian divorce. Old Moore himself predicted that Kanye would suffer from mental health problems…and that Kanye and Kim would part ways. So we think this could be a good bet.

Expectant parents Cheryl and Liam Payne are priced at 5/6 to seal the deal in 2017 by getting married. And as we all know, Cheryl loves a wedding. It will be her third and probably not her last.

Another royal baby could be a highlight for many next year as it is 5/6 that Prince William and Kate will announce they are expecting baby number three.

President-elect Donald Trump is preparing to face his first year as the US President, however it is 4/1 he will be impeached before the end of 2017.

Will Ireland to follow in the footsteps of Britain and vote to leave the EU? It is a longshot at 33/1. Another longshot for 2017 is Alien life to finally be proven at 50/1.

A lot of historic moments happened in 2016, from the good to the bad to the downright unthinkable with Donald Trump getting elected. So anything is possible.

2017 Specials from BoyleSports

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to get divorced 1/6

Cheryl and Liam Payne to get married 5/6

Kate and William to announce they are expecting 5/6

Conor McGregor to announce he will run for President of Ireland 10/1 (has to officially announce candidacy, mentions in passing or in interviews N/A)

Donald Trump to be impeached 4/1

Ireland to leave the EU 33/1

Alien life to be proven 50/1


Other Bookies

As for PaddyPower, they reckon there could be a third child for Wills and Kate. If the young British royals do produce a second spare, then you can bet on whether the new majesty will be a boy or a girl. These odds apply to the sex of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third-born child. Bets void should they not have a third child by the end of 2030.

Female 5/6  Male 5/6

Also you can have a flutter on what posh name they will choose. Old Moore predicted their last baby would be Charlotte or Margaret, so he did well. However he says this year, they will ponder the idea of a third baby, but he doesn’t feel that this year anyway, they will act on the idea.


PaddyPower also thinks that Trump will probably make his first state visit to the UK.


Old Moore feels that Trump won’t be fast to go abroad initially, wanting to put out a few fires at home. And there will be a lot of them.

Keep this article in your bookmarks, and we can revisit it in 2018… and just see how far from the mark (or not) we all were in the world of predicting the future. Here’s to a great 2017!


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