Irish Vodka and Gin Crowned Best In The World


The Irish are famous for their stouts, whiskies and Irish creams. But vodka? And Gin? Apparently, we are about to get famous for that too.

The Avalon Group commissions Irish distilleries to make a number of alcoholic beverages for them which they then sell across the world. And it seems they are getting some attention lately. The company is celebrating victories at the 2016 Vodka Awards and 2016 Gin Awards. Untamed Irish Vodka has been named as the World’s Best Pure Neutral Vodka at the the awards ceremony. And, The Exiles Irish Gin won Best Irish Contemporary Style Gin at the World Gin Awards 2016. Both spirits were launched by the Avalon Group in 2014, and are marketed using Irish themes to appeal to the diaspora.

Untamed Irish VodkaThe company claim that Untamed Irish Vodka is the first and only super premium vodka produced in Ireland. Irish apples grown in County Cork are pot-distilled in small batches and blended with premium grain spirit and pure Irish water. The spirit is double distilled, with no added sugars, flavouring or other additives – it uses 100% natural ingredients bottled to 40% ABV. Reviewers say it has a clean and smooth taste with a soft aroma. This means that as well as using it in cocktails, it is also good for sipping neat.

Exiles Irish GinThe gin is produced using botanicals that grow in the wild across Ireland. It is infused with red clover flowers, honeysuckle flowers, rowan berries and bog myrtle. It is also the only gin in the world that contains shamrock. This unique spirit is distilled five times for ultimate purity, resulting in a smooth and floral gin infused with Irish ingredients. It is the first and only super-premium gin produced in Ireland.

The company say that it is an artisanal product from an eighth-generation ginmaker, using traditional pot-distilling method,  bottled at 41.3% ABV, for a more rounded and dryer profile.

If you like Honeymead then you may be interested in a new product from this company called Wild Geese Honey Liqueur. It also claims to be the first and only super premium honey liqueur produced in Ireland, offering an alternative for traditional whiskey drinkers, and a mild introduction to the spirit for new consumers.

The-Wild-Geese-Irish-Honey-Liqueur-0-0The company say, “Ireland is a relatively small island and only produces limited quantities of precious honey, which is an essential ingredient of this spirit. We keep our secret recipe closely guarded to ensure the Irish honey liqueur remains one of a kind. Our secret recipe is inspired by St Gobnait, Ireland’s Patron Saint of Beekeepers.”

The liqueur is a blend of premium Irish Whiskey and a 100% pure natural honey from the fields of Tipperary and Kilkenny. It can be drunk on its own over ice or as a chilled shot, it also makes an excellent ingredient to a long or short cocktail.

None of these products are easy to get hold of in Ireland, you have to search high and wide for them. But there’s always Amazon, who will deliver to your home. But here at Old Moore’s Almanac, we are going to try all three. In working hours. Expect some pretty bad stories online that day.

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