Humorous Irish Charm Offensive is Good for Business

Humorous Irish Charm Offensive is Good for Business

By Nicole Buckler

Dublin Airport recently won first place for customer service among airports of its size in Europe. The survey, conducted by Airports Council International, shows a huge improvement for the airport, which just a few years ago was at the arse-end of a similar survey.

smr145533_[2]_banterwall2The airport does need to suck up and fast. An estimated 30,000 Irish soccer fans will travel from Dublin Airport to the Euro 2016 finals over the next two weeks. During this coming weekend alone, 64 flights are scheduled to bring fans to Paris in time for the Republic of Ireland’s first game against Sweden at the Stade de France on Monday.

So how did the airport get its customer service shite together? By listening to all the whingebagging customers and meeting their whines with stuff they want. And by George, listening to the human customer works!

Renovation was part of the plan. Shabby (but defo not chic) areas of the airport which made customers feel like they were flying into a third-world chicken coup were fixed. An area called the “Skybridge” was getting a bit minging so they decided to redecorate, but using Irish humour and Irish phrases. We need to show off our Irish charm after all, because sometimes it’s all we got.

So the airport team hung up loads of funny pictures. Passengers are met by images of clouds decorating the walls. Each cloud contains some witty words; such as “I’m Irish, what’s your superpower?” and “Perhaps hot chocolate wants to be called beautiful chocolate once in a while.”

smr145533_[4]_banterwall6On the arriving side, passengers are welcomed by popular Irish phrases and sayings, such as “Great drying weather out there” and “If it falls off, it is staying off.”

Okay so I will be at the airport several times this week and next week, so if I get bored of these jokes, I’ll be sure to tell the airport improvement team that they can contact me for more jokes. I’m hilarious don’t you know.

Want to suggest some funny Irish phrases? Tweet using the hastags #DUBbanter #skybridge and #dublinairport. Do it for yourself. Do it for your country. Do it because I’m telling you to.




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