How a Void Moon Can Impact You Financially

How a Void Moon Can Impact You Financially



What on earth is a void moon? And can it really impact on business and financial trades?

The void-of-course period of the moon is the period of time from the moment the Moon makes the last contact with any planet in the current sign of the zodiac, and until it enters the next sign. The void-of-course period can be very short, only a few seconds! But it is sometimes very long, up to two and a half days.

This phase of the moon is only for the highly technical astrologer. But how does it affect business dealings? Let’s look at a company called Box. Box is an online file sharing and personal cloud content management service for businesses. The company is based in Los Altos, California.

In 2009, the company was awarded the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal’s Emerging Tech award for the cloud computing category, and co-founders Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith were among the top five finalists in Business Week’s “Best Entrepreneurs under 25” rankings. Among other things, the company was listed as one of the “Hottest Silicon Valley Companies.”

In January 2014, the company’s owners filed for an initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange and, in March of that year, released financial data as part of that process. However, market fluctuations were cited as the reason why the IPO was delayed until January 23, 2015.

This proved to be a costly mistake as the timing chosen by the entrepreneurial pair was not auspicious. And for those that like to consult financial astrologists before making big business decisions, this is important.

There are a number of timing events that will cause Western financial astrologers to advise against incorporating a company or offering shares to the public. For example, just before a major solar eclipse is one such time. Also periods when Mercury is retrograde (when it appears to be travelling backwards though the Zodiac as seen from Earth) is another.

And another period where astrologers will advise against launching an IPO is during a void-of-course moon. This is a celestial event that can give financial astrologers pause.

The modern definition of the void period begins when the transiting Moon makes the last major exact aspect it will make before it changes from one sign of the astrological Zodiac to the next. It ends when the moon enters the next sign.

Major astrological aspects are the 60-degree sextile, 90-degree square, 120-degree trine, 180-degree opposition and the conjunction, which is formed when two planets share the same degree in the same zodiacal sign. The moon is void if it is not forming any of these aspects with either the Sun or another planet before it leaves one sign for the next.

There is this exception: the moon is not void if its declination is the same, or parallels, the declination of another planet. Measured in degrees, declination is the vertical distance the orbiting sun, moon and planets are either above or below the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun as seen from earth).

Financial astrologer Grace Morris says the Moon spends 2.5 days in each of the 12 astrological signs. “Depending upon where in the solar system the other planets are longitudinally positioned, the void period may last only a few seconds. Or it may last more than two days and nights. Unlike solar eclipses or Mercury retrograde periods, which are usually well documented, the media routinely fails to let us know when the Moon – symbolically linked as it is with emotions and feelings – is ready for some quiet time. The brief void periods are better suited for doing something passive or introspective. Material pursuits, like starting a company or going public for the first time, should be placed on hold.”

Apparently, it never occurred to the Box Inc. millionaires that such a precaution might be prudent. When the business went public on January 23 the moon was void all day. The company’s stock opened at $23 per share and moved slightly higher before confronting reality. After two months the value of Box shares was down about 33 percent and investor expectations no longer were residing on Cloud Nine.

Makes you want to search for a financial astrologer, doesn’t it?



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