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Household hints have been a mainstay of the Almanac for over a century. Here are some more nuggets of info that could help you in your daily life!

Household Hints

-For the whitest socks, boil them in water to which a lemon slice has been added.

-Fill your washing machine with warm water and add a pint of vinegar. Run the machine
through the entire cycle to unclog and clean soap scum from hoses.

-If you have loose drawer knobs, coat the screw with fingernail polish to hold it tightly then replace it back in the drawer.


Tips for those with kids:

-Put a piece of coloured tape at a child’s level on sliding glass doors to prevent
them from walking into the door.

-When children are still too small for the bathtub, put a plastic clothes basket with
holes in it into the tub and set him in it.

-Put a couple of rubber bands around a child’s drinking glass to prevent slipping from small hands.

-If your toddler doesn’t like the bath, give them a small doll to bathe while you bathe them.

Submitted from Readers

-To get the last drops out of a bottle of sauce, hand cream etc. stand the bottle in hot water for a minute or two. The contents will pour out easily.

Phil O’Donnell, Barna, Co Galway

-Don’t throw away an old leaking hot water bottle, use it as a kneeling pad for indoor floor scrubbing or outdoor weeding. Cut off top, stuff with old cut-up tights and seal end with sticky tape.

Phil O’Donnell, Barna, Co Galway

The winning household hint!

-To clean the glass on your solid fuel stove dip a damp cloth in the ashes, rub onto the glass and wipe off with a clean cloth for a gleaming shine on the glass.


We loved this tip – it is a great way to use materials right in front of you and you don’t have to buy anything new! Congratulations, Mary McSweeney of Killarney.
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