Seer Sive’s Sagittarius Horoscope

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Third Week of February

A new long-term phase begins this week with the comet Chiron’s move from Pisces into Aries. Chiron was known as the wounded healer because he could heal others but not himself, and the comet named after him represents the fulfilment we gain through helping others. With Chiron in Aries for the next eight years, anything connected with creativity or children (particularly where there are opportunities to help others in some way) will provide a medium through which you can feel rewarded and content.

For singles: You have to give something in order to get something: that’s the message you need to take to heart now, and it can be a beneficial one if you play by the rules.

For people in a relationship: Your partner’s support is there for the taking, but you must let them know that you need it.