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Sagittarius Horoscope For This Week

Last week of September

To put it bluntly, this week everyone will be feeling frisky. Venus vectors into Virgo and this means that everyone’s libidos will be in overdrive. Be very very careful not to make mistakes in love and romance this week. (If you are free to do whatever you like, be sure to make lots of mistakes!) This Venus swing-by will last until October 14. So it’s fairly confusing territory for those in long-term relationships. These kinds of astrological sways are rarely convenient and can happen when they are needed least.

If you are nursing emotional wounds from a break up then be sure not to go back to your ex. Go make new mistakes with someone else, anyone but your old bae, or you will never move on.

Also be careful of obsessive behaviours this week. Have you been stalking someone’s facebook page? Their house? Their work place? Reel it back in and distract yourself with something else. The formation of the stars are pointing to hassles with the law also. Be careful of legal issues while Mercury is still having an effect from it’s retrograde over the past few weeks. As Mercury spins away, money matters will improve, and any investments you have had will come good. When they do, now is the time to sell, sell, sell.

For singles: This week might be one to back off a little and take your time deciding how to feel about the person who has presented themselves to you recently. Take. Your. Time. There is no rush. Slow down.

For people in a relationship: You may be feeling a little restless and wanting to do bigger things and make wilder gestures. This is what happens when Neptune plays havoc at this time of year. Just remember if your partner is more reserved, keep your big gestures private, like in a deserted valley type deserted.