Leo Horoscope For This Week

Fourth Week of June

While you may want to just flop at home this week, you might want to keep your eye on work. This is because industrious Saturn will be closing in on us, making you want to be on the hustle a little. So you may find yourself torn between two opposing forces: work and home. A good way to combine the two is to invite co-workers out for dinner and drinks to combine the two! And you’ll need to combine the two eventually, as Saturn is quite the powerful force, making us industrious and driving us with a workaholic vibe. You do need to avoid Saturn’s structure obsession, and remind yourself to take it easy.

On Friday, Neptune goes into its annual retrograde. This makes you feel a bit more spiritual, so in terms of romance, you may need to connect emotionally with someone, rather than just be in it for the short-haul. This is the time to be open to real love, rather than to look at someone’s surface and for short-term rewards.

For singles: While you have enjoyed great emotional freedom and personal autonomy being single, you will have to give this up if you want to fully commit. Being in a relationship is just that, comprising on everything. And yes, you are full capable of doing it.

For people in a relationship: You will need to ask yourself why you committed to this relationship in the first place this week. Yes it is hard to compromise on everything, and sometimes two very different people can find common ground. This is the week to find it.