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Capricorn Horoscope For This Week
First Week of May

This week will be up and down, but it is a time for renewal for all star signs. This week, Venus, the planet of love and sex draws in close and will be that way until early June. So your charisma and appeal will be at an all-time high. This is good, because Spring has always brought out the sex appeal in us: it is a time to lose the layers, both sartorially and sexually. So don’t waste this opportunity sitting in with a Netflix binge. That’s right, you need to dust those snowflakes off you, and get out and have some fun. You can stay in when Venus moves away in June, but for now, get your sexy on.

The Taurus new moon will affect everyone’s work and money vibe this week. And this isn’t a normal new moon, this is a supermoon. Due to the moon being close to earth, it is more likely to influence your money house. So you may see an increase in your commissions or earning potential over the next few months.

There may be a feeling of frustration as Jupiter swings away, so when it comes to work, don’t have a hissy fit and throw in the towel. Just stay calm and say OHM to yourself. This also applies to your personal life. You will get the urge to flee to freedom, but don’t go booking flights and selling all your earthly belongings just yet. You may satisfy your frustrations with a change of address, but wait until after the end of May to make any big decisions.

For singles: There will be a situation that will creep up on you and surprise the hell out of you this week. You were right to get a fright, but stay open to new experiences.

For people in a relationship: You may need to stun yourself out of routine this week, look for something that will kickstart the bejesus out of your relationship.