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Second Week of August

With Venus crashing into Cancer this week it will be another fabulous week of YOU. NOTHING BUT YOU! As well as feeling amazing, you will also have an incurable bout of wellbeing and good health, as will all other star signs.

But here is the one caveat: you need to make sure you get plenty of sleep. While you are feeling amazing, you will want to stay up late and jump out of bed in the morning. But this star arrangement is also associated with sleep-deprived accidents, so be careful to make sure you bed down properly.

Venus of course is the planet of love, and that is what will be happening for all star signs this week. Romantic love especially is highlighted, so if you don’t have it then this is a great week to look for it, as all star signs are highly tuned to get out and make romantic things happen.

Later in the week, Uranus goes retrograde until the start of next year. This means that friendships will come under the spotlight. Try not to overreact or fall out with someone in the next 6 months, you will regret it down the track. Also, that friend you have in the friend zone? Keep them there. If you let them escape just this once it will go horribly wrong.

As Uranus goes retrograde, it will tour Aries. So what does that mean in terms of the zodiac? It means that opportunities will present themselves to you but you have to go after them. Mostly, this arrangement usually signifies money opportunities. So if you look hard and work hard, this is the time to go after the smell of wealth.

On Friday Jupiter will square off with Pluto. This arrangement can make people feel bored and restless, but remember, it will only remain in place for around 4 days, so keep yourself busy and don’t plan anything crazy. Do you really want to go to Timbuktu overland in a lorry convoy? No you don’t. You aren’t that bored. Go meet a friend for a beer instead.

For singles: You may get an offer this week to go on a really exciting date, but we warned, this person can’t keep this exciting act up. Perhaps you can suggest taking the date style down a notch and getting to know the real them, and things will be more relaxed all round.  

For people in a relationship: Neptune has a pulling-apart effect on your relationship this week. Resist it: don’t let any situation separate you.  Stay together, both mentally and geographically and you’ll do just fine.