Homesick? Then Visit Ireland via Virtual Reality

 Virtual reality is really going places. While we aren’t at holodeck level just yet, things are getting damn exciting.

By Nicole Buckler


Do you have a Virtual Reality (VR) headset? If not, then get one. RIGHT. NOW.

If you do have a VR headset, then you are good to go. A series of “vrideos” (immersive video for virtual reality) are now on sale to help people with relaxation. And one of them has been made especially for people feeling homesick for Ireland.

Here is a 2D version below, which doesn’t give you the feeling of actually being there, but you can get a feel for how it would be in VR.

Developed by Dr. Eric Fassbender, the virtual relaxation vrideo in question lets you wander around Ireland, even if you are on the other side of the world. If you are missing home, this is just the medicine you need.

After you walk along an inland lake, you can hear passing sheep bleating in the fields. But that’s not all. You get to explore the wild Atlantic ocean as it crashes onto shore. You’ll feel no need to return to the mother country again. You’ll have the motherboard instead.

ireland 2

A scene from a visit to virtual-reality Ireland.

And it is not just Ireland you can “visit.” Called “Atmosphaeres” this series of vrideos offer many different experiences in virtual reality. You can go for a virtual Walk on the Beach. You can also hang out in Vienna, or go for a city break in London.

“I actually wasn’t expecting this high of a demand for my virtual relaxation environments,” Dr. Fassbender says, “however, with the success of the first two Atmosphaeres, I knew right then and there that there’s a legitimate need for virtual reality relaxation. This is why I decided to fly to one of the most amazing and mystical places in the world and produce Ireland VR.”

According to Dr. Fassbender, the decision to continue making virtual reality relaxation vrideos was based on the feedback from users. One customer, Robert Deluce, successfully used the Dream Beach 360 Atmosphaere for pain and anxiety reduction during his recovery from leg surgery. “It totally moved me from my hospital bed to another place,” Robert says. “After about 5 minutes of playing the Atmosphaeres virtual relaxation video I was already feeling much more relaxed and free.”

With Ireland VR, Dr. Fassbender said he simply responded to his customers’ requests for more relaxing sights and sounds.

Now you don’t have to fly to Ireland to experience the green island in its full and amazing glory. You can simply download the Ireland VR Atmosphaere and, using your VR headset, it will be like you’re actually here, taking in the calming sights and sounds. Well it will be calm as long as no members of the Dáil Éireann walk into your view.

A lot of satisfied users are calling it the best Atmosphaere yet. So buy it…or at least buy a VR headset first. You could start with Samsung Gear or Oculus Rift. But there are other cheaper headsets available and now many new phones come with a headset for free.

And if you do buy it, you won’t feel a huge need to fly home to Ireland for Christmas… But you still have to send presents though. Especially to me.


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