For all of you who like the idea of the great outdoors, but faint at the thought of setting up a dirty and probably mouldy beer-covered tent, then this is the holiday for you.

Are you slightly allergic to the idea of camping? Well if you aren’t as hardy as those campers who like sleeping in a sea of mosquitos and forest monsters, then maybe you could try glamping. You get all of the pleasure of the outdoors without having to dig a hole somewhere private to do your business.

Glamour camping, or glamping, is for those who like to be close to nature without having spiders or ticks in your bed. It’s win-win for everyone, except the ticks.

There are several places to go glamping in Ireland. once of them is called Teapot Lane. It sounds quaint, and like there might be a pot of tea in it for you somewhere. It is situated in north Leitrim in one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of Ireland.  Less than 5 miles from the Donegal and Sligo border, in the shadow of the famous Ben Bulben mountain, you can choose from 4 stunning sandy beaches within a couple of miles of the doorstep. So there is plenty to see in the area, so you won’t face the prospect of just staring at sheep all day long.I know some people like to do that, and it is great to have a hobby, but for those of you who like to not stare at sheep, there’s plenty to do.


Accommodation for wussbags is in one of two beautifully restored country cottages on 5 acres of woodland. However for those of you who want the sort-of real deal, you can stay in a luxury eco retreat yurt (hand crafted tents with king size beds and pot bellied stoves).


Surrounded by woodland and beautiful scenery, it is a perfect holiday for those who want to get back to nature in an area unspoilt and peaceful. You may even start chanting something like Om, the sound of the universe. And as well as wanting to burst into random chants of Om, you are also greeted with a complimentary organic veg basket straight from the organic garden on site. So there is no need to face Tesco’s bright casino-like lights on the first day of ya holliers!  It can’t get any better than this!


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The mountain vistas will shake all of those work stresses from your bones.

Look what you get when you arrive! Some lovely veges from the organic garden! I’m moving in!


And here is dinner if you can catch it.



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