We all know that there are plenty of paranormal activities going on in Ireland. But across the Irish Sea in the UK there is one area which reports the most paranormal activity of all: the Peak District.

It’s often said that this area of the Dark Peak is the UK’s Bermuda Triangle. It also reports a high number of UFO sightings. So what is it about the mysterious and beautiful area that gets so much paranormal attention?It may be the unusual terrain. It’s not just the type of stone which gives the Peak District its two names, the team at Peak District Online have discovered recently. Not only is it the oldest National Park in the British Isles, but it is an area split into the wonderfully white lime stonewalled White Peak and the wilderness and grit stone areas of the Dark Peak.

It is the latter which is home to over 50 plane crashes and there have been 100 deaths spread over three decades in just this one area. There is an explanation for these paranormal events and give their visitors to their Peak District Cottages, an insight of where to find them.

“The ominously named Dark Peak is a remote moorland area of the North of the Peak District,” explains James Dobson, one of the directors at Peak District Online. “It is home to tales of witchcraft and ghosts and it’s a place where there have been lots of deaths due to people falling foul of the changeable weather. It is also home to the highest peak of the area, Kinder Scout, the area where most of the stories and ghostly sightings have taken place. This is a very high grit stone escarpment and a plateau which is riddled with bogs, ideal conditions for preserving the wreckages. As the mists suddenly descend, not only walkers and ramblers have fallen by the wayside, but it certainly seems that a lot of planes have misjudged the height of the area around here and have met an unfortunate end.”

James explains that over 100 deaths have taken place in plane crashes during the decades before, during and after World War II, and many of the crashes still remain unexplained.
“It’s often said that this area of the Dark Peak is the UK’s Bermuda Triangle,” says Steve Wake, fellow director. “Our team of researchers have discovered that a great many of the wrecks are from World War II and they include Lancaster’s and Wellington bombers but there are also some American Liberator Planes. There are also jet aircraft wreckages from the 50s and 60s which have been found in evidence, on the moors of Kinder Scout.”

The family run company at Peak District Online have made it their mission to be the best in the business and to report anything and everything to do with the Peak District, information relevant to readers of its wonderful website. With over 200,000 unique visitors each month, new pages are added and all things reported online. The latest page called Ghostly Planes in the Peak District has caused quite a stir.

“We have seen a surge in emails recently, with our readers staying in our Peak District accommodation, reporting not only having discovered wreckage themselves as they’ve walked the moors during the summer, but also of sightings of ghostly planes flying overhead at night.”

One such story has been reported several times at dusk in the Kinder Scout area, where there have been lots of sightings of a plane passing so low overhead, that witnesses duck as it passes over their heads. These stories have regularly been reported over the last few decades, yet no fresh crash sites have been discovered, despite numerous police and mountain rescue searches.

“The tragic number of crashes certainly seems to be a mixture of nature but also circumstances and weather conditions, but there is still wreckage strewn across the Dark Peak as a memorial to the dead to anyone who wants to find them,” says James.

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