Follow A Modern-Day Arranged Marriage

Follow A Modern-Day Arranged Marriage



Would you dare to apply to be married to someone you didn’t know? Some people are and here is the latest update!


It’s the experiment that EVERYONE has been talking about! It’s iRadio’s Three Strangers and a Wedding.

Would you marry a stranger?

But it’s not just any stranger. It’s a person picked out for you by a team of people who had your best interests at heart (and their reputations as matchmakers at stake!). If I was getting long in the tooth and surrounded by 9 cats, I’ve got to say, I would go all in to be a contestant.

iRadio is now in the final weeks of the world’s greatest social experiment, which comes to a head on Tuesday June 16th when two people who have never met, will tie the knot and hopefully live happily ever after.

Three strangers – the bride and two final grooms – have now been selected. On the big day the brave and blushing bride will come face to face with her two grooms, who will be waiting at the top of the aisle. She will then have to make her final decision and send one home before she proceeds to marry the other – LIVE ON AIR.

Will looks overrule the heart on the day? Only time will tell. So let’s hear more about the brave souls who want to take a chance on love.

The Blushing Bride, Codename JUNO:

Juno is a late twenties life-loving Mayo girl who wants to find true love. She believes that two people can be soul mates without factoring in looks. She’s traditional, down-to-earth and genuine. Juno wants to find that special someone whom with she can create some memories with and share life’s greatest adventures.

Groom 1, Codename JUPITER:

Jupiter comes from the East Coast of Ireland, he’s late twenties and he originally applied for Three Strangers and a Wedding because he believes life is passing him by. He’s confident, articulate, has a great sense of humour and wants to cut through the busy clutter of life and settle down with someone extra special. He believes that there’s no better way to find someone special than through something special.

Groom 2, Codename JANUS:

Janus is from the Midlands, loves ballroom dancing, Bee Gees and was ecstatic when he discovered that he was one of the chosen grooms. He has an overwhelming desire to “be there” through thick and thin for that someone special. Holding hands is the ultimate intimacy for Janus and he now believes that he has embarked on a lifetime journey to find his life mate.

The social experiment was recently revealed on iRadio’s breakfast show – Cooper and Oonagh in the Morning. Since the revelation the station says it has been “overwhelmed” by the reaction, both positive and negative.

The big day takes place on Tuesday 16th of June at The Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone, Co Roscommon. The event will kick off with the Wedding Ceremony at 2pm followed by the Wedding reception at 5pm. The full ceremony will be broadcast live on air and via video stream.

iRadio’s Sandra Kirrane says, “I have been managing the team on iRadio’s Three Strangers and a Wedding since we kicked off a few weeks ago. We have a bride, and two grooms, who are getting to know each other on air, and will not meet/see each other until June 16th when get married…live on air. To say it has been massive is an understatement! The amount of applicants, both male and female, wanting to be involved in the experiment was astounding from the outset. After travelling the length and breadth of the country meeting men and women of various ages, backgrounds and personalities, we narrowed it down to 5 brides and 4 grooms.

“After hearing each potential bride over the course of a week, the public voted…and Juno was chosen as our Bride-to-be. We then gave the public, our listeners, a chance to get to know her. Juno joined Cooper and Oonagh on the breakfast show for the week, and captured the hearts of the our 15 counties. She then spent last week getting to know our 4 potential grooms…and having the weekend to think about it, made her decision this morning.”

Juno picked her two grooms-to-be, Jupiter and Janus. They will spend this week getting to know each other on air, with uncensored calls on The Cracked i tonight and tomorrow night, and dates (blind dates of course) this week. The groom she turns down, and his guests, will have to leave the wedding immediately.

If you want to catch up with this fascinating project you can listen to the podcasts here.

It will make your commute crazy-interesting. Good luck, hopefuls in love!

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