Find Love with an App that sets you up on a PokéDate

Find Love with an App that sets you up on a PokéDate


Yep, there is now an app which finds you a playmate to catch Pokémon with.

By Nicole Buckler


unnam2edPokémonGo hit Irish shores last week. And we, as a nation, are fans. From St Stephen’s Green in Dublin to the River Lee in Cork, everyone is at it. In fact, when it comes to Andriod users in Ireland, more time is spent on PokémonGo than on Twitter. This week it was announced that worldwide, for the first time ever, more people searched on Google for something other than porn. And that something was PokémonGo. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO.

PokémonGo is now so popular, that one Irish startup, Dublin-based developer Mawla, has even started capitalising this phenomenon by creating a live map, showing where all of the Pokémons in the capital city are. And they plan to cover more of Ireland in the near future, so stand by if you are living outside the pale.

But here is the best news ever if you are single and love catching Pokémons. You can download an app that will get you a date to catch Pokémons with. And, if you are already taken, then you can also use the app to simply find other friendly souls to hunt down Pidgey with. Which is great if you are new to town.

Called PokeMatch, the app is a free Pokemon Dating app that hopes to create meaningful dates rather than just quick hook-ups. The makers of the app say that they have already created more than 10 THOUSAND matches. You swipe right if you like a player, and swipe left to run the hell away. It’s like Tinder and Pokémon had a baby. But the baby is so fun. If you do find someone you like the look of, you can meet them at a Pokémon stop and go from there.

PokeMatch co-creator Rene Roosen needed a date while catching Pokemon. He teamed up with his friends Pim de Witte and Troy Osinoff to Create PokeMatch. Says Pim de Witte, “We’re seeing insane growth. Something I’ve never seen before is happening to us, and it is feeling kind of surreal. People are using our app all over the world. We hope to connect every single PokémonGO player. It’s not just a hook-up app, PokeMatch and PokémonGO create actual connections between people, completely for free.”

“PokémonGO has brought everyone outside to play Pokémon, our objective is to connect them,” says Troy Osinoff.

“We’re also seeing people use it because they feel safer going Pokémon hunting with other people,” says Rene Roosen. Rene has also managed to find a date himself using the app.

Think this is something you might like? If yes, then download it. But be sure you have a really good data plan… if you are a hottie, you are gonna need it.




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