Fathers’ Day Gifts (On the Cheap) and NO SOCKS ALLOWED

Fathers’ Day Gifts (On the Cheap) and NO SOCKS ALLOWED


Carefully selected by Ruth Kelly

Father’s Day is fast approaching (June 19) and everyone knows how hard fathers are to buy for. It’s always a struggle to find something that you think your dad might like. Often enough you usually end up hoping you didn’t buy the same pair of socks as last year. So we are protesting against socks as humane way to treat your Dad on fathers’ day.



Here are five gift ideas you can buy for your dad to move away from sockworld.

‘I’m not so good at advice… Can I offer you a sarcastic comment?’ mug

31QLL084uJLWe all know how much dads like to make terrible jokes and sarcastic comments that only they find absolutely hilarious. And we can promise to make Dad a coffee if he wants one. Well, we can promise, we probably won’t deliver… but hey, this mug can be bought for €7.75 online plus delivery. With amazing reviews  such as, “It’s a cup.”…how can you go wrong?


61V00-YTd4L._SL1500_‘Dad, well done I’m awesome.’ card – For a mere €4.00 this is a cheap, funny card that will make Dad smile. It’s always good to remind people of our awesomeness and Dad will be happy that he has raised such an amazing child. One reviewer said ‘Good quality, great P&P. The card was small but that wasn’t an issue. Made my dad smile!’


shirt‘This is what an awesome Dad looks like’ T-shirt – All Dads like to brag about how they are the best, and with this t-shirt their bragging is being done for them. And if Dad is single, he won’t have to have that awkward conversation on the first date about the fact that he already has kids (and probably would rather die than have more). Most reviews say it is of excellent quality. Although if Dad does “Tough Mudder” while wearing it there are obviously no guarantees it will keep him looking this awesome. Ranging in price from €5.15 to €10.10, Dad is sure to love this gift.


stonesWhiskey Stones – For only €4.82, this is an innovative way to keep your whiskey or other fine beverage of choice cool without watering it down. Simply place these soapstones in the freezer for about 2-4 hours, and your Dad will be ready to have his whiskey “on the rocks.” (And yes that’s where the term came from! Legend has it that those liquor-loving Scandinavians used rocks pulled from icy streams to cool their drinks).

Dad will surely love getting to sit down and enjoy a nice cold Whisky. The thing to remember here is that there are option other than stones. They aren’t as classy, but hey who cares when replica bullets or steel skulls are available to cool down your drink.

410behhkOTLKing Dad Toblerone – For any chocolate-loving Dads out there this is the perfect father’s day gift for just €11.56. And this is especially good for awkward dads who hate everything you get them anyway. This chocolate bar is a lovely gift that Dad will cherish forever (or for the five minutes it takes him to eat the whole thing).


Hopefully you have some new ideas for Father’s Day and if not, DO NOT fall back on  pair of socks. Unless Dad is a house elf, and you are giving him a sock to free him for life. Then it’s totally okay.


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