Correct Predictions from 2015

Correct Predictions from 2015



Yes it is that time of year when we show everyone which of our predictions have come true. (Predictions are from the 2015 edition, Facebook and our website).

Old Moore’s Almanac is 252 years old and has been a stocking-filler since its inception. The magazine holds on to its position of having one of the highest circulations of any indigenous magazines in the country. It has enjoyed a revival in recent years due to its accurate predictions and its love of futurism.

In 2015 our inhouse psychic predicted Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, baby gender and NAME. He also predicted the German Wings plane crash and the plane crash over Sinai. He predicted New Zealand to take the Rugby World Cup, and Dublin and Kilkenny to win the Gaelic Football and Hurling. More successful predictions are below.


Kate Middleton would have a second pregnancy, have a girl, and call her Charlotte or Margaret.

Yes, that really was all predicted.



©Christopher Neve


A plane on the way to Europe is in danger of being hijacked. One of the staff is involved.

Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed 100 kilometres north-west of Nice in the French Alps. The crash was deliberately caused by the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who had previously been treated for suicidal tendencies and been declared “unfit to work” by a doctor.


Note: Old Moore thought this might be a US plane, so he got that bit wrong.


Michael O’Leary in the news, he’s getting even nicer!


RyanAir boss, Michael O’Leary already relented on bringing an extra bag, as in handbag, onto the plane and gotten rid of that sexist calendar. By the end of 2015, being nice netted Michael O’Leary $500m. The Ryanair CEO has a 3.8% stake in airline, and his charm offensive translated into a record share price.


A problem with a plane over Africa

Islamic State brought down a Russian airliner over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 people on board.


Border controls get tighter in Europe

Yep.. Remember these predictions were written in September of 2014, before all the shiz hit the fan.


Many “lone gunman” stories.

Charlie Hebdo, Paris Massacres, Tunisia…all carried out by one or two guys with guns.


Big Earthquake for Asia

The April 2015 Nepal earthquake killed over 9,000 people and injured more than 23,000


Asian Triangle. Again.

A TransAsia Airways Flight crashed into the Keelung River on 4 February 2015, shortly after takeoff from Taipei Songshan Airport, with 53 passengers and five crew on board. There were 15 survivors.


Hillary will run for president.

Old Moore also says she will win it in 2016.


Drama around school admissions unfairness in Ireland.

Kids who aren’t baptised have been denied school places. This has been the Irish issue of the year.


Zoo breakout

After flooding in in Tbilisi, Georgia, hundreds of wild animals escaped the city zoo. Several surviving inhabitants of the zoo—a hippopotamus, big cats, wolves, bears, and hyenas—escaped from destroyed pens and cages to the streets of Tbilisi and a police unit was employed to round them up. Some were killed, others were recaptured and brought back to the zoo. On 17 June a white tiger remaining on the loose attacked and mortally wounded a man in a storehouse near the zoo. The animal was eventually shot dead by the police.


International Space Station gets hit by debris

The International Space Station experienced an emergency evacuation in March as Russian space debris hurtled towards it.


IRA scandal.

In 2015 the IRA was accused of a child abuse cover-up.


Stay away from Egypt completely—unrest plus flooding.

The Sinai plane crash has crushed the tourist industry. Egypt is struggling to cope with its ISIS insurgency. Plus deadly flash floods hit Egypt’s Alexandria with at least seven dead after torrential rain and strong winds batter Mediterranean port city.


A coalition of western countries will unite to stamp out ISIS.

Happening now as we speak. Again remember that these predictions were made last year.


A dog story in the news which gets attention.

#JeSuisDiesel: Dogs around the world pay their own tribute to hero police canine killed in Paris siege.


Charlie Sheen Health Crisis

He has recently announced he had AIDS.


Kim and Kanye will have a boy.

Pregnant with a boy.


Wedding for Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis.

They married in July.


Angela Merkel to have a leadership crisis, considers stepping down

EU migrant crisis is called ‘Merkel’s legacy’ – the German leader is blamed as thousands of people arrive from war-torn areas into Europe.


After Peaches and Bobby, another “rich kid” will be in the news.

18-year-old daughter of Queen of Versailles stars, Victoria Siegel, died at home of ‘overdose’ while ‘distant’ family vacationed in Las Vegas.


Turkey will get pulled into military action in Syria

The Turkish parliament voted in October to allow its military to join the fight against ISIS. In November a squad of Turkish F-16s struck ISIS positions inside Syria.


Apple Watch tanks

Apple Watch: Sales of much-vaunted gadget tank by 90pc


Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux – secret wedding

Yep. The 46-year-old Friends favourite married the actor and writer at a star-studded secret ceremony at their fancy Bel Air estate back in August.


Halle Berry marriage in jeopardy.

Yes another Halle hubby bites the dust.


Nicole Kidman in the news, not to do with movies.

She was banned from her daughter’s scientology wedding.


Saudi royal family in the news

The recent arrests of two Saudi Arabian princes — one for smuggling literal tons of illegal drugs in his private plane and one for a series of sexually abusive incidents involving his employees — call attention to a long and august tradition of fabulously wealthy people from the highly religious Islamic monarchy acting in absolutely horrible ways.


Spratly Islands in the news.

Indonesia demanded an international tribunal over China’s expansionism in the South China Sea if the countries involved could not come to a diplomatic solution on their own. Several nations in the region, including Indonesia and China, as well as the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia, have made land claims of sovereignty over an area of the South China Sea that includes the Spratly Islands.


A cyber bank-heist, the first of its kind.

A Ukrainian ATM spitting out money led investigators to a $1billion hacking fraud against more than 100 banks across the world. The hacking ring stole up to $1billion from banks around the world in what would be one of the biggest banking breaches known.


Rats in Ireland in the news!

Due to unusual weather conditions, rats had a great breeding year. In 2015, many parts of Ireland were overrun. Vermin up to nine inches long were found to be scurrying around Killyleagh in Co Down. More than 560 suspected rat infestations found in Dublin city. Plus, a rat the same size as a Jack Russell was found on the banks of an Irish river. The giant rodent is three times the size of a domestic rat. The rodent has been identified as a Coypu American swamp rat, is native only to South America and wildlife experts believe it may have been brought here by a collector.


Pork contamination makes the news.

We were told that bacon et al gives us cancer. Boohoo.


Bono’s gaff in the news.

The government was accused of not doing enough as a homeless man with serious health condition found shelter in a tent under Bono’s house. The image painfully highlighted the growing chasm between the rich and poor.


Ian Paisley information comes out.


Timothy Spall is currently acting the part of Ian Paisley in a new movie called The Journey. The movie has started production in Belfast.


Gay Byrne in the news.


Gay Byrne shot to international attention while interviewing Stephen Fry for the “The Meaning of Life” for RTÉ. Stephen Fry undermined the premise of several questions posed by Byrne, answering them with characteristic charm, wit and eloquence. While the interview was largely convivial in nature, Byrne’s concept of religion and faith was challenged painfully publicly.


House on an Irish cliff falls into the sea.


The Cliff Road, overlooking Rossbeigh beach in County Kerry, collapsed in September. 17 houses, eight of which are permanent homes, have no car access. Telephone poles and lines were left hanging over the cliff and some houses were within 300m of the slippage.


China and Russia will be BFFs.


Russia is aggressively signing new investment arrangements with China following their slow detachment from Europe.


Joan Burton has a headache.

The water tax protestors have given Joan Burton a hard time in 2015. Even in September, there was a heavy garda presence at an event in north Dublin attended by the Tánaiste. Gardaí have struggled with anti-water charge protesters to keep Ms Burton safe on her official duties.

Irish Politician has a twitter event.

Irish women were live-tweeting Enda Kenny their menstrual cycles to highlight the country’s restrictive abortion laws in November.


Irish water controversy takes a new turn.

John Tierney quit as Irish Water boss in November, calling it ‘one of most challenging projects ever.’


Irish Birdlife under the microscope.

The death of yet another white-tailed sea eagle by illegal poisoning in April was described as a “major blow” to the project to reintroduce the protected species to Ireland.


CD sales die, downloads up.

Sales of CDs (in the US anyway) dropped by 31.5% in the first half of 2015. Downloads/streaming jumped up.


Future is also bright for oldies such as steel and cement. Also Ryan Air shares will do well, plus Google and Twitter will also do well.


The steel industry is facing a slump due to decreased demand from China, however after a drop in steel share prices earlier in 2015 they are now rising again. Cement company shares are up. Ryan Air shares are performing excellently, while Twitter shares rose 9% as company insiders bought stock.


Snow in a weird place at a weird time.

The “polar vortex” in the Northern States of the US brought record snow.


Oceans hotting up.

Atlantic cod populations are collapsing due to warming ocean waters in 2015.


A wing-suit accident.

American wingsuit flier Johnny Strange died in a Switzerland accident. At age 18 he became the youngest to scale the world’s highest peaks.


Ireland Tourist visitor numbers up yet again.

A record year.


The Irish in Australia will be in the news.

-A Sydney couple wake to find a naked Irishman sleeping next to them in their bed. The Irishman was arrested afterwards. The man convulsed when arrested, and was treated at hospital for possible drug related health issues.

-A ‘remarkably stupid’ Irish guy was fined after getting stuck in Australian nightclub’s air vent on the Gold Coast earlier in the year. When Hugh McMahon was kicked out of the Sin City nightclub not once but twice, he didn’t give up and head home. He tried to get back in via an air vent, and of course got stuck and needed to be extracted professionally.

-Twenty-six Irish people were deported from Australia earlier in 2015 over alleged home repair scam.


Electronic wallet in the news.

Apple launched its digital wallet service in the U.K., the U.S., Australia and Canada this year, and will launch in Spain, Hong Kong and Singapore in 2016.


No more walk-in banks.

In Ireland, in November, it was announced that one in four bank branches will be set to close in massive cull. The focus will move to phone and internet banking. The Irish Independent reported that AIB, EBS, Ulster Bank and Permanent TSB plan to close 200 branches between them within two years.


Grape shortages put wines in danger.

Across the world from Europe to the Americas to Australia, grape production is down, mostly due to changing weather patterns. CRISIS!!


Volcanoes in the news all year including underwater volcanoes.

It was an incredibly volatile year for volcanoes this year. Volcanoes which lit up this year included Mount Rinjani in Indonesia, Mount Sinabung in Sumatra. The Villarrica volcano in southern Chile erupted, as did Mount Aso, a volcano on Japan’s main southern island of Kyushu. Cotopaxi in Ecuador has its first eruption in over 70 years. There was also an increase in underwater volcanoes in 2015.


Cliff Richard hits the news.

Cliff Richard has been interviewed by police over 1980s sex claim.


Price of farmland goes sky-high.

The price of farmland all over the world shot through the roof, coming with the warning that rural land was experiencing an “asset bubble.”


Celebrity in rehab and then in an overdose.

Lamar Odom of the Kardashian circus overdosed in a brothel. He was in a coma, not being able to recognize friends and family. Recovery has been slow.


Female Irish politician scandal.

Michelle Mulherin repayed the cost of ‘expensive’ Dail phone calls to Kenya. Around 2000 euro of calls were originally going to have to be paid for by the tax payer. Thanks Michelle, nice work.


Shane Filan getting rich again.

Shane Filan has announced a huge tour for next March. The 19-date tour will see him cover the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland, with three shows on these shores.


A high-profile unexpected Irish divorce.

Love-split couple Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams announced their divorce in 2015 to an unsuspecting public.


End of injections, yay!

The end of injections for diabetics will come about as a smart patch can now automatically release insulin into the bloodstream.


Abortion in Ireland in the news, again.

An abortion pill bus giving women access to medical abortion pills and a consultation with an online doctor arrived in Galway in November.


An exciting dinosaur discovery.

Road work in the southern China city of Heyuan was interrupted in April when construction workers noticed something unusual in the ground — a fat stash of dinosaur eggs — 43, to be exact.


An explosion in space.

SpaceX CRS-7 Mission ended in disaster. The latest Dragon spacecraft cargo run to the International Space Station blasted off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on June 28th, 2015 and exploded during flight. SpaceX wanted to attempt to land the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket on an ocean platform. The last attempt crashed into the platform.


Racing car crashes into audience

There was horror at a Spanish rally race as a car veered off the track and ploughed into the crowd at high speed, killing six people including two pregnant women and an eight-year-old child.


A magician in the news.

Magician Kyle Wallace impaled his hand on huge nail during London show after trick went massively wrong.


Famous person found to be a paedophile.

Longtime Subway pitchman Jared Fogle’s agreement to plead guilty to child-sex charges caps an embarrassing chapter for the sandwich chain that is likely to cause a broader rethinking among marketers about closely aligning their brands with individual personalities.


Large iceberg breaks from sheet, global awareness of climate change rises.

Nasa captured a 17 MILE-long iceberg as it broke away from West Antarctica’s Getz ice shelf and moved into the Amundsen Sea sometime in mid- to late-February. The region is losing ice faster than anywhere on the continent and is the largest contributor to rise of sea levels.


Australia’s government kills the country’s finances.

After a commodities slump and a property market gone mad, Australia has started to slide into recession.


Invest in silver in 2015.

Silver is the worst performing commodity among the entire metals complex at the moment. So if you buy now and prices rise next year like predicted, then you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


An emergency for the International Space Station.

In January, an emergency evacuation on the International Space Station took place. It was a false alarm over leaks, but it forced the crew to abandon US module. The crew in US section were forced to take refuge in Russian part of the ISS.


Car theft stats up in Ireland.

There was a surge in car thefts in 2015, but the biggest rise was in the theft of high-end cars. Gangs have become craftier, working out how to erode layers of electronic security.


Irish doctors in the news.

International figures show that doctors in Ireland are among the best paid in the world.


Vikings in the news, new information.

A man in Norway stumbled across a 1,200-year-old Viking sword while walking an ancient route. The find, which dates from approximately 750 A.D. is in exceptionally good condition, the find was described as extraordinary.


Global economic recovery remains slow.

“Sluggish” was used across the media for 2015.


Self-regulating artificial heart comes into use.

A 68-year-old man, who has requested confidentiality, is “living a completely normal life” after getting a self-regulating artificial heart. The patient suffered from terminal heart failure. Unlike other artificial hearts, the Carmat heart combines cow tissue with synthetic material to stop blood clots and is self-regulating, more closely imitating a real heart’s contractions.


Spain will have some small earthquakes and flooding.

A Spain earthquake hit in late October. The terremoto en España, a temblor registering a 3.8 magnitude, did not cause damage. In September, torrential rain caused massive flooding, closed roads and washed away vehicles across Spain’s southern coast region and claimed the lives of four people in Andalusia.


Hugh Heffner in the news.

Holly Madison, Hef’s ex, was dishing all the dirt about her relationship with Hugh Hefner, 89. Holly shared all the lurid details of her time as Hugh’s girlfriend in her new memoir, Down The Rabbit Hole.


And of course, Playboy finally made the decision that there would be no more nude photos.


Spectacular Irish real estate failure makes jaws drop.

Dublin house prices plunged half way through the year. Only this is Ireland, we should be in another bubble by Christmas.


Snakes in Ireland!

Over 50 dead snakes were discovered in a house in Cork, along with spiders and scorpions. CSPCA inspectors managed to save 44 live non-venomous snakes.


Pluto in the news again.

Scientists debated all year whether to reinstate Pluto as a planet again. The debate still rages on. But the New Horizons space probe blasted past the outer limits of the solar system last July, giving us a good look at Pluto. There were ice volcanoes, and a lack of craters, meaning that the surface was created only recently. This then leads to the conclusion that Pluto is still geologically active. Interesting.


Ceres in the news.

Admit it, most of us had never heard of Ceres until this prediction, then it all hit the fan. Ceres isn’t the boring old rock we thought it was. It’s a rich little world of its own with some growing mysteries around it. But it hit the news in 2015 for two glowing lights on the surface, something we still can’t work out. WHAT ARE THOSE TWO LIGHTS???


Discussion about advertising on the moon!

In the latter half of 2016, an American firm devoted to space exploration, Space X, plans to land a rover on the moon. Among the rover’s cargo: a can of Pocari Sweat, which will be left on a lunar plain near a giant crater named Bürg. The goal, as stated by Pocari Sweat, is for a modern-day child to someday become an astronaut and eventually drink its contents.


Brace yourself for the era of lunar advertising. Pocari Sweat’s grandiose stunt is likely to become a trend, not an anomaly.


China is the biggest economy in the world.



Robot stories in the news all year.

The rise of the robots was in the newspapers all year.


Race car driver in a terrible accident.

British IndyCar driver Justin Wilson died of head injuries sustained in a crash in August.


A child actor in the news, very sick or will pass.

Former “Everybody Loves Raymond” child actor Sawyer Sweeten died at the age of 19 in April.


Problem with a ferry.

MB Kim Nirvana, the Philippines ferry, sank in 2015 killing 48.


More exploration of the moon for mining potential.

A billionaire, NASA and multiple Chinese companies all announced they are in the race for moon mining attempts. In fact, in November, the U.S. Congress passed H.R. 2262, a celestial “Finders Keepers” law, that grants U.S. citizens to legally claim natural resources mined in space.


Hotel in space.

Russian space company, Orbital Technologies, is saying that they are developing a space hotel that is set to welcome guests by 2016.


Launch of Titanic II. It will have financial troubles from the start.

The financing is a mess. Apparently it will now be ready to sail in 2018. No thanks!


Record heatwaves everywhere.

All-time record heat in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, France, The Netherlands. Also in India, Japan, the U.S. and in the UK. Central Asia was hit with record-breaking heatwave, causing many deaths in Pakistan. Southern Australia’s heatwave smashed records.


Financial woes for Greece, Japan, Russia, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the U.S. Market will have corrections all around.

Yes, all of the above.


Irish birth rate in the news.

In 2015, Ireland is in the midst of a full-blown population boom boasting the EU’s top birth rate and second-lowest death rate.


A drama for the Aran Islands.

The government announced that the 45-year tenure of Aer Arann Islands as the air service provider between the offshore Galway Aran Islands and the mainland is to end.


Ireland and the USA butt heads over Irish tax laws.

After an outcry, Ireland was forced to adjust its corporate tax law.


Fertility will be in the news all year. Young women will be encouraged to freeze their eggs as the process becomes easier and cheaper.

Yes all year women were urged to freeze their eggs. In fact, Facebook and Apple have started to pay for female employees to freeze their eggs.


Malala will allude to the fact that after her schooling, she will run for election.

She announced that she hopes to be Pakistan PM.


Birds will be in the news, with early migration.

There are fears that Ireland could be heading for a very long winter after the early arrival of migratory birds from Siberia.


Space real estate in the news and we realise we have no laws to cover this new frontier. Enter a new type of lawyer—the celestial solicitor.

The U.S. Senate voted to legalise space mining in November.


Putin will experience illness.

President Putin fell ill when he disappeared from public view for 11 days last February, Russian military and intelligence figures have told their US counterparts. The Kremlin drew a veil over his illness to avoid allowing Mr Putin to appear weak or comparisons in the western media with Boris Yeltsin and his chaotic loss of control as president.


News about the missing Malaysian plane.

An aircraft wing part found on Reunion Island in July “with certainty” came from missing flight MH370, French officials have said.


More sinkholes!



Bitcoin improves how it operates, making it more secure and giving users more confidence.

Yep, Bitcoin is becoming an accepted currency, with the U.K. leading the way in its regulation.


Good news financially also for Indonesia, the Philippines.

Philippines 4th fastest-growing economy in 2015. Indonesia now has the largest economy in Southeast Asia.


Murdoch in the news.

He’s now dating Jerry Hall. Gross.


Harry styles will be in the news. A lot.

1D was a drama queen’s dream this year. Zayne left, was busted having an affair, dumped Perry, girls were crying, were 1D gonna split up? Not until next year. Belfast show was cancelled. And Hazza Styles gave all the screaming fans hope when he admitted that he’s hooked up with fans. Oh the drama, I need to lie down.


Bible will be in the news with new evidence.

After 10 years of digging, archaeologist Steven Collins, of Trinity Southwest University of New Mexico, and his team believe they have discovered the location of Biblical Sodom in the Southern Jordan Valley in Jordan, about 14 kilometres northeast of the Dead Sea.


Irish Fishing vessel in the news.

Anyone who saw the footage of Galway vessel Iúda Naofa go down mid-rescue is probably still haunted by what a close shave it was! Google it.


A plane mishap for Ireland.

Storm Barney forced a flight into Cork to abort its landing. The video on Youtube went around the world.


In Ireland, package holidays in the news.

Irish operators suspended their Tunisia charters in the wake of a terrorist attack in Sousse.


Miley Cyrus enters the world of soft porn.

Miley Cyrus will play a naked show with equally naked Flaming Lips in 2015. Not only that, the audience will also be naked. Stay classy Miles!


Cyber hacking makes banking unsafe.

In 2015, Investigators uncover what is thought to be the biggest ever cybercrime with more than £650 million going missing from banks around the world.


Brangelina—another child likely.

They adopted an orphan boy from Syria in 2015.


In Ireland, a river overflows. Flooding around Cork.

The River Lee broke its banks in October leading to flooding in Cork.


Riots in London.

Two riots in London towards the end of 2015.


Joan Collins’ life hangs in the balance.

It was Jackie that died. Old Moore thought there was only one sister. He says, “I don’t read chick lit! I didn’t know there was two sisters!” So I don’t think this one can count.


Australia will have record heat.

Southern Australia’s heatwave smashed records in October.


India rises…their economy becomes a powerhouse.

India will overtake the U.S. to have the second-largest population of Internet users after China by December


Pope Francis will get death threats by ISIS.

This month, the Vatican police chief confirmed ISIS threat to Pope Francis.


Hillary Clinton health issues…

Hillary Clinton faces “mounting health issues” — and she’s secretly worried that she’s too sick to run for president, according to a new book. The 67-year-old Democratic front-runner has been “frequently plagued” by “blinding headaches” and a series of strokes over the course of the campaign which have left her second-guessing her chances of winning in 2016, says the upcoming book “Unlikeable — The Problem with Hillary.”


Treasure found on a sunken ship!

After over 425 years, treasures including cannons from the Spanish ship La Juliana, which sank off of the Sligo coast in September 1588, were discovered this year.


Halle Berry marriage in jeopardy

Another Halle Hubby bites the dust.


Stock market crash in 10…9…8…7…6…

The Chinese stock market crash began with the popping of the stock market bubble on 12 June 2015.


Extra-terrestrial life becomes a theme in the newspapers.

In 2015, NASA called for a press conference to announce a major discovery regarding the planet Mars. It has rivers, and Mars could have had extra-terrestrial life living on it.


Incredibly interesting archaeological find in Egypt.

An archaeologist believes he may have found remains of ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti — hidden in King Tut’s tomb.


Mad Cow disease in the news

A suspected case of BSE, known as mad cow disease, had been identified in a dairy cow in County Louth in June.


Hack attack on the stockmarket

In July The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) temporarily suspended all trading on Wall Street – blaming technical issues for bringing the system down. Wall Street said it was just a technical glitch. However many people suspect the hacktivist collective called Anonymous. The day before, they tweeted, “Wonder if tomorrow is going to be bad for Wall Street…. we can only hope.”


Shark Stories abound

An increase in shark attacks across the globe, including Australian three-time world champion surfer Mick Fanning who escaped unharmed after punching a shark during a competition in South Africa.


A school shooting in the U.S. finally pushes lawmakers to act on guns (mildly)

Obama demands gun control action after Oregon shooting.


Missing persons case solved

The body of a man missing for almost a decade has been found inside a sunken car – which has been visible on Google Maps for years.


Terrorist act in the UK in Summer

Thirty of the 38 people killed by a gunman on a Tunisian beach were British.


OJ Simpson to have a health crisis.

OJ Simpson is battling to save his legs from amputation from complications of diabetes. But, like, who cares.


Mona Lisa in the news

Experts believe they have found skeleton of the noblewoman dubbed “Mona Lisa” who sat for Da Vinci’s masterpiece.Remains dated and tie in with the death of Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo. Gherardini died at age 63 in 1542 and is widely believed to be Mona Lisa. But her face won’t be able to be reconstructed as body found has no head


Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas in the news

Late in 2015, Michael Douglas apologised to wife Catherine Zeta Jones for saying oral sex gave him throat cancer. Eww go away both of you.


Lee Harvey Oswald in the news.

A group of researchers from Dartmouth College have used new forensic technology to verify a famous photo that Oswald claimed was fake and that conspiracy theorists argue had to be staged. In the photo, Oswald can be seen holding the rifle he used to shoot and kill President John F. Kennedy along with a communist newspaper. Using 3D modelling, the researchers claim to have disproven the theory that the photo is a fake and say their tests have proven the photo’s authenticity.


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has a bad diagnosis…like diabetes or a blood disorder.

He’s got gout, diabetes and high blood pressure, apparently.


Stars Wars is awesome, says everyone. 50 Shades sucks, says everyone.

Pretty much.


Beyoncé marriage in jeopardy

Beyonce considering divorcing Jay Z after cheating rumours.


Makes you want to buy the 2016 edition, right? Well you can. It will be in newsagents and in tesco on Dcember 4, 2015.


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