Pisces and Aries

A relationship between the first of the fire signs and the last of the trinity of the water signs is a seductive, mysterious adventure. Pisces, being romantic and deep, will enthral the Arian romantic nature, probably to a depth that Aries simply cannot fathom. Pisces, ruled by Neptune Lord of the Oceans, is also planet of the higher mind, quite a combination! Aries and Pisces complement each other in many areas. If the Aries can pull the Pisces out of that shell, and the Pisces can keep the Aries in, this will be a meeting of the most passionate kind.


Pisces and Taurus

Although the Pisces may not understand the Tuarean materialistic approach to life, this team have the makings of a dependable loving relationship. Usually it is a very happy combination, the Taurus will be devoted and the Pisces adoring. The Pisces’ romantic, imaginative nature is just what the Taurus is looking for. The Pisces brings mystery and illusion to the basic Taurus nature. Pisces is easily clouded by deep emotions but can be brought to reality by the Taurean down-to-earth nature. The Taurus in turn can be helped by the Pisces personality. Lots of good stuff, but watch the emotions.


Pisces and Gemini

In the beginning when the Gemini jumps into the deep passionate emotional pool of the Pisces, they will both believe they have found heaven. At the first sign of the Gemini wanting to step out for a little breathing space, all hell breaks loose, and so here is the heart of the problem. The deep clinging Pisces demands a partner who is faithful and will stay at home, while the Gemini needs stimulation created by a meeting new people, who constantly challenge them intellectually. Like two walkie-talkie radios working on different frequencies, they find it difficult to communicate on the same level. Gemini is mischievous and playful, but Pisces is sensitive and takes things to heart. The claustrophobic atmosphere eventually makes it hard for Gemini to breathe.


Pisces and Cancer

As you might imagine, when these two get swept off their feet, it’s a fantasia of flashing colours and fireworks. Both of these watery folk feel on a very deep level, and although both will have their moments of gloom and doom, they will be soon back out in the sunshine making up. Emotional and intuitive, this pair will often be found at a parties ‘coo-cooing’ in the corner, even though they have been married twenty years. Because they are both so romantic, they are happiest with a partner who can express and receive love on that deep intuitive level.


Pisces and Leo

It will be make or break, right from the very beginning, for this pair of fire and water signs. At first glance they have lots in common – both are sensuous and passionate, and will enjoy all the trimmings of their romantic natures. Although the Pisces may be too sensitive, for when the kingly beast roars, the will take everything too much to heart. It will take a strong and tough Pisces to tame the elegant Leo. If the Pisces is of the deep sea emotional species, the lion will be completely out of his or her depth and will not be able to cope with the mood changes and lack of desire to party all the time.


Pisces and Virgo

Here we see a strange mixture of air and water, the intellect and the emotional, neither mixing where the twain shall meet. Virgo sees love in intellectual terms, while Pisces feels love on a deep emotional level. To Pisces love is all-consuming and passionate, while the Virgo will take a step back and wonder why and what the Pisces is going on about. They are opposites in zodiac terms, so there may at first be a powerful attraction. The Virgo finds the mysterious Pisces fascinating and intriguing, while on the other hand the Pisces at first finds the Virgo’s cautious nature very appealing.


Pisces and Libra

In the beginning this pair will find themselves immersed in a deep sea of passion and love. For a while they make an affectionate pair who will really enjoy each other. The Libra finds the mysterious Pisces intriguing, and likewise the Pisces finds the fun-loving Libra challenging and alluring. Yet this combination will soon find out whether they are suited to each other or not. Quite soon the Libra will find that the insecure Pisces will not be impressed when the Libra falls back into their old habits, staying out late to play. What this pair needs to learn is that Libra won’t always be around to give the Pisces the attention they need to thrive on. But if the Pisces is strong enough to do their own thing, this pair will go far


Pisces and Scorpio

When the dreamy Pisces meets the passionate Scorpio, it is like watching the start of the greatest love story. These two will fall into each other’s arms, totally intuitive of each other’s desires. They pull no punches in trying to fulfil each other’s needs. This combination can be a beautiful harmony of mysterious romance. Both being passionate, sensitive and caring, things can really get snappy and moody if one of them steps out of line. Pisces is able to give Scorpio the devotion and admiration they crave, while Scorpio will be supportive and nurturing when the Pisces goes into one of their blue moods.


Pisces and Sagittarius

The deep emotional rays of the Pisces are likely to go completely over the head of the Sagittarius. The sensitive Pisces is ruled by two planets, Neptune and Jupiter, who also rules Sagittarius. So if the Pisces has any hint of Jupiter there is some hope that these two may find a future together. The Sagittarius male will find the Pisces female one of the most elusive and mysterious females he has ever met, while the Pisces female will be driven to distraction by what she would call her ‘unreliable mate’. The home-loving Pisces will try their very best to do the impossible, and that is change and settle the freedom-loving Sagittarius. The watery Pisces will do everything possible to make a relationship work rather than let it go and find a more suitable mate.


Pisces and Capricorn

The Pisces-Capricorn couple mesh well right from the beginning. They provide each other with the stability and security required to make a solid relationship. The Capricorn will understand the emotional depth of the Pisces. They will give support to a certain level before snapping the Pisces out of their gloom with a good dose of reality.

Both the male and female Pisces will feel comfortable and secure in having such a practical and organised mate. The passionate Pisces will encourage the cooler Capricorn to become a little more risqué. Romance and love for this couple will blossom once communication is open and honest.


Pisces and Aquarius

This relationship will probably only work if the Pisces is one of those rare breed of Pisces that is outgoing and adventurous. The basic problem for this watery sign is that they are driven by their emotions while the Aquarius thinks with their minds, most of the time totally removed from their emotions. It is not that they don’t have emotions, they do, it is just that their emotions are stimulated by different things. A relationship for this pair will be a minefield of emotion, both with their maps and compasses, but unfortunately seeking out different destinations.


Pisces and Pisces

This combination can be a beautiful harmony of mysterious romance or a deep well of silence. When they are working well together it’s a sensitive, caring relationship. But when one of this watery duo steps out of line, it can become a snappy, moody, unpleasant environment. This relationship, to be successful, needs one of the partners to be strong. If they are both weak-willed or negative they will heighten all of each other’s insecurities, leading eventually to disaster. Deeply romantic, they will each appreciate any effort the other makes to improve the home environment. The simplest thing can set the mood for romance, love, passion and babies.