Welcome to My Spring Blog

Anois teacht an Earraigh, beidh an lá dúl chun shíneadh Now with the springtime  – The days will grow longer As we crawl out from a long winter, we haven’t

Welcome to Theo’s Blog, Easter 2015

As you probably know, the 2015 edition of old Moore’s Almanac is now almost sold out. Already we have people contacting us, almost crying in the street, saying that it

Welcome to Theo’s Blog, March 2014

Welcome to our spring blog from Theophilius Moore, founder of Old Moore’s Almanac 250 years ago. This newsletter will focus on just how extraordinary it is to be writing to

Welcome to Theo’s Blog

Welcome to Theo’s Blog. And it is a very happy blog because we can all cast our sheepskins aside and bask almost naked in the weather of midsummer. Official midsummer