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Discover the Ancient Home of Halloween

Many people know that Halloween can be traced back to the ancient Samhain festival of Celtic Ireland, but did you know its roots can be pinpointed to the pre-Christian site

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The Mysterious And Lost Magic Mushroom Rituals Of The Ancient Celts

It has long been theorised that magic mushrooms were used in religious ceremonies by druids and other shaman since the dawn of humans in Ireland. These ceremonies disappeared after the

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You Must Own These Clothes Immediately

By Nicole Buckler Okay so for those of you who play golf, we know golfing clothes can get a little weird. But if you are at the club all the

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Dying Irish Christmas Lore Which is way too Lovely to Lose to History

These days, Christmas can make us feel like we have reached “peak stuff.” A modern Christmas is made up of awful crowds, getting trapped in shopping centre car parks, and

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Advent Calendar Ideas That Will Impress the Santa Pants Right Off You

Yes, it is that time of year when we start shopping in advance to avoid the Christmas panic. Well, except grannies. They had their Christmas shopping finished by June. By