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How Irish Are YOU? Genetically, You Might Not Be Irish at All…

By Nicole Buckler Ireland remains one of the last holdouts of the ancient Celtic languages that were once spoken throughout much of Western Europe. The Irish have fiercely maintained their

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Fascinating Ancient Irish Monuments

You must visit these before you die. A book has been written detailing all the best heritage sites in Ireland. And not only does it have some very fancy photography,

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Ireland’s Astonishing System of Ancient Laws – The Oldest in Europe

Indigenous Irish people have detested inequality since records began…they even had an extensive legal system to prove it. We take a fascinating look at Brehon law and how it was

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The Abandoned Mansions of Ireland

These haunting relics from a bygone era stand as a reminder of just how turbulent times have been for this island. For the past four years, Tarquin Blake has been

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Princess, I Have Foundeth a Tower

Looking for something to do? How about a wildly romantic renovation project? It may make you poor and stressed, but it will be worth it. Probably. By Nicole Buckler There