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Old Moore’s Almanac of 1914: Free Land in Canada, Tragic Shipwrecks and Women’s Rights

We take a look back at the 1914 edition of Old Moore’s Almanac – and what it shows us about life in Ireland at the time. By Nicole Buckler The

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Why Did the Vikings Keep on Attacking Irish Monks?

The 8th Century Viking hit-and-run raids on monastic communities such as Iona are now the stuff of legends. The Vikings were getting rather cocky by this stage: they experienced a

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The Horribly Misleading (And Dangerous) Advertising of 1916

How humans have got this far without all collectively dropping dead is a miracle. By Nicole Buckler Every now and again, we look through our back issues. We have all

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How Irish Are YOU? Genetically, You Might Not Be Irish at All…

By Nicole Buckler Ireland remains one of the last holdouts of the ancient Celtic languages that were once spoken throughout much of Western Europe. The Irish have fiercely maintained their

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Fascinating Ancient Irish Monuments

You must visit these before you die. A book has been written detailing all the best heritage sites in Ireland. And not only does it have some very fancy photography,