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As it Turns Out, Trees go to Sleep Too

Scientists from Austria, Finland and Hungary are using laser scanners to study the day-night rhythm of trees. And yes, they go night-night just like us! They even slump over like

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The Wild Wallabies of Ireland

Ireland – the Tasmania of Europe – is actually more Tassie than ever. An isolated island off the coast of Dublin has a mob of wild wallabies running amok on

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A Self-Cleaning Robot Litter Box for Cats has Arrived!

Yes, cat owners, it is true. There is now a robot that cleans up cat poop. You get all the fun of being a cat owner without having to touch

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Fancypants City Birds are Smarter than Country Birds

Life in the big smoke makes birds tougher and sharper, according to a new study by science boffins. Birds living in urban environments are smarter than birds from rural environments.

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Want to Talk to Your Pet? Then Call The Animal Psychic

There is someone who can actually tell you what your pet has been trying to say all along. Jackie Weaver has always had an affinity with animals; she had often