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UFOs Over Ireland

In the book Conspiracy of Silence, authors Dermot Butler and Carl Nally discuss the controversial, yet always fascinating, subject of UFOs over Ireland. We have taken an excerpt from the

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Irish Helicopter Vs the UFO

Carl Nally and Dermot Butler are Irish UFO researchers. Their book, called States of Denial, has recently been published by Mercier Press. Here is a fascinating extract. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

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Ross Castle … A Ghosthunter’s Paradise

If you are looking for a haunted castle, then this is your gaff. I challenge even a total skeptic to stay a night in the place and not walk away

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The Ghosts of Wicklow Gaol

Ireland has a long and volatile history. So it is no surprise that many people claim to have had paranormal experiences related to past events and places in Ireland. One