Paranormal Ireland

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The Ghosts of Kilkenny

Craig O’Shea shares his knowledge of Kilkenny’s ghostly medieval spirits. Few lands are steeped in as diverse a history as Ireland’s. From coast to coast, remnants from throughout the ages

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The Ghosts that Haunt the City of Cork

Discover the darker side of Cork with this collection of spine-chilling tales. By Darren Mann These accounts are taken from the 96-page book Haunted Cork County Cork’s paranormal occupants first

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Why the Irish Must be Careful of the Púca at Harvest Time

In midsummer, with the crops in bloom, all farmers can do is hope that the crops will make it to harvest time. And it is the Púca who decide whether

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The Last Irish Witch

Was Ireland a land of witches and sorcery? Bob Curran, author of A Bewitched Land retells the story of the last Irish woman who was burned as a witch. ‘To

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The Ghosts of the Lighthouse

Have you ever wondered what happens at a paranormal investigation? Sinead Houlihan from the paranormal investigation team GhostÉire tells us what goes on at these fascinating events. On the furthest