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Virtual Reality Games Just Went to Holodeck Level

The future is now, old man. By Nicole Buckler The future of media is insane. Take for example, virtual reality. When the first commercially-available headsets hit the market, what’s the

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More Extreme Weather is Coming Our Way

Hold on to your hat, Ireland, things are going to get wild. Jet streams are fast-flowing currents of strong air that circle our planet. In Ireland, we can thank the

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Farming is Still the Most Dangerous Job in Ireland

Most at risk: Elderly farmers. Elderly farmers most likely to be involved in fatal work related accidents. The Health and Safety Authority has today released figures for the number of

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McGregor To Run For President of Ireland?

It will be a damn boring election if he doesn’t. Bookies are taking bets on whether Conor McGregor will throw his hat into the ring for the Irish Presidency after

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What Did Irish People Search for on Google in 2017?

Here it is… 2018 summed up by Google searches! This is what the Irish were doing with our keyboards.   1 How to make slime 2 How to watch McGregor