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We Need to Plant 20% More Trees in Urban Areas. Here’s Why.

We need 20 percent more trees in cities. Fire up your saplings, people! Planting 20 percent more trees in our cities would double the benefits that we already get from

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Should We Use Rainwater to Flush Toilets?

Here in Ireland, we get rained on a lot. But so do several cities in America. Philadelphia, New York, Seattle and Chicago all have a lot of rain. And this

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Be Green, Even When you are Dead

Are you dead? Then bury yourself right. Nicole Buckler investigates the eco-departed. There are cemeteries and then there are cemeteries. Glendalough graveyard is wildly, Celticly romantic. People come from all

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Sustainable Business has Been Directly Linked With Profit

Sustainable business is no longer an idea being pushed on us by tree-hugging Quorn-eating ferals with body-piercing issues. It is becoming as much an economic reality as a double espresso

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Masdar City – The Future of Energy

This was touted to be the greenest city on earth. Is it still on track to win this title? Check out this city of the future. Masdar (meaning ‘the source’)

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