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The Irish “Countess” and Her Restored Chateau

Comtesse Maeve Hoffman, an Irish woman who moved to France to create the ultimate dream renovation, tells us her story. My parents were huge Francophiles and spent nearly all their holidays

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A TV Show About the Pubs of Ireland To Be Aired in the U.S.

So we all know there are planespotters whole focus on planes, trainspotters who focus on trains.. but now, pub enthusiasts will be getting their own show where they can all

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Enough With the Demeaning Drunk Irish Themes says NY Designer

Irish Today, Hung Over Tomorrow. Let’s Get Ready To Stumble. Each year Irish culture is disparaged on the shelves. Especially in countries far away, where people celebrating Irish events like

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Research Catholic Parish Records for Free in March!

Are you building your family tree? Well here’s some good news for you (and it’s FREE, everyone’s favourite price!) The largest collection of Irish Catholic Parish Records have gone online.

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Don’t Be Stuck For Irishisms Again!

By Nicole Buckler With St Patrick’s day closing in on us fast, we need to brush up on our Irishisms. You know, the ones that our grandads used to lash