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A New Social Media App Will Prove Your Catch Really Was THIS BIG

Fishbrain is the world’s largest social network for anglers. This app enables you to share your catch details. And, it also lets you know where the fish are biting! Fishbrain

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A Wireless Device That Lets Anglers See the Fish Before Catching Them

For fishing fans, here’s something cool: a new device will allow you to see the fish as they swim around your bait. You’ll be able to judge immediately whether they

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Play Hard at the Christmas Tree Throwing Championship

An awesome new sport will jingle your bells. By Nicole Buckler What qualifies as a sport these days gets more interesting as the years go by. Is chess a sport?

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In Defiance of the Weatherman

Annoyed at how the winter has dragged on? Well don’t just sit there – embrace your icy nemesis! By Nicole Buckler Rather than whining about how cold it is, and

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Bird Watching is the new Pokémon Go

Birdwatching is experiencing a boom in popularity. And it is evolving into a booming tourist industry for Ireland. Bring it on, twitchers! To some, birdwatching might, on the surface, look