Crazy Cat Lady? That Term is Now Out of Date in the Eyes of Humans

Crazy Cat Lady? That Term is Now Out of Date in the Eyes of Humans


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It’s time for a cattitude adjustment.

The days of the “crazy cat lady” are over. After the internet sensation that is any cat, ever… it is now cool to own a cat. Yes, the internet world has made the cat a king again, and it’s about time. They were last worshipped with the same fervour in Ancient Egypt, where they were called “Mau”, were considered sacred. Well thanks to YouTube, they are sacred once again. The cat is the star of any show, ever.

And pet charities are saying that posting your pics of you loving your cat (even if your cat is mounting your Christmas tree), is helping stray cats to get adopted into loving homes. Oh yes, the cat is back.

PetSmart Charities say that the renewed interest in how funny and crazy cats can be has changed public opinion. Most people think that negative stereotypes about cats and cat people are now wrong.

The charity commissioned a survey to learn whether or not cats’ popularity in Internet videos and memes is actually benefiting them in real life, especially homeless cats who face an uncertain future in shelters. And in fact, yes people like cats again.

A majority of respondents said cats are intelligent, loving, cuddly and attractive. But after all, the internet does hold pages dedicated to the ways your cat is actually scheming to kill you. These have had their effect. People surveyed still held some negative stereotypes about cats like: moody, stubborn, aloof and grouchy. Even so, cats are on the up. Their plan to rule the world is almost at fruition.

Nearly three-quarters of people surveyed said stigmas about cat owners are outdated. So goodbye, crazy cat lady. Hello, cool cat parent. Almost two-thirds believe too many people have negative impressions of cat owners. Three-quarters said they believe cats make great pets and they would be proud to say they have a cat. And over half of survey participants believe that more people would have a cat if the stereotypes about cats and their owners were removed.

For cat lovers who always think twice about posting that selfie with their cat, the survey shows they should share it. SHARE PICTURES OF YOUR INSANE CAT, PEOPLE. Respondents said friends and family who have cats are their most common sources of information about cats. However, only one-third of cat owners are sharing about their cats on social media.

Cat lovers can combat the stereotypes and boost people’s perceptions of cats and their owners by spreading the word about their awesome cats. So put up that photo of your cat attacking a pen. Or a box. Or itself. It’s changing the world, one box attack at a time.













And in Dog News…

In these surveys that pet charities are want to do, dogs still get the most verbal love, with respondents describing dogs as friendly, loyal, protective and loving. But that’s not all. Humans are suckers for treating their dogs.

A survey commissioned by Plato Pet Treats indicated that 47 per cent of people gifted their four-legged friend a treat for Valentine’s Day.

Across the board, two thirds of dog owners surveyed said that the Valentine’s present would be an edible treat of some sort. A toy comes in second as a gift, and at the bottom of the wish list is a trip to the groomer or a new pet bed.

In addition to treats, dog owners shared which celebrity’s dog their pooch would have a crush on.

-Bradley Cooper’s dog, Charlotte, gets the top spot

-close behind is Dali, Hugh Jackman’s dog

-third is Lupo, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s dog.

-Anne Hathaway’s adorable dog, Edward, brings up the rear.

Now, isn’t it time you posted a picture of your dog eating your couch, and of your cat attacking the mirror? I think, yes.



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