Buy Your Rural Idyll from as Little as €45,000

Buy Your Rural Idyll from as Little as €45,000


We are all fed up with the real estate rollercoaster in Ireland. And with Old Moore predicting more pain to come, we decided that the only way forward is a rural idyll for a bargain price.

If you can see the potential in these properties, then you can end the real estate soap opera which has been carrying on like a pork chop for at least 15 years now. Take a look at this selection of rural paradises.

 Mirehill, Headford, Galway




At a price of €45,000, you can buy this sweet cottage for the price of a DEPOSIT on a house in Dublin. It is a traditional thatched cottage situated on a 0.4 acre site. It is 4 kms from Headford and 25kms from Galway City. It is out in the sticks, but you could AirB&B the hell out of this cottage once you give it a lick of paint and hang a few twee things around the gaff. Now, you have no excuse to live in the shed in your Granny’s back garden.


Ballinameen, Boyle, Roscommon


This is a cottage in need of hard-core self-abuse-style renovation, but the asking price is just €69,900. And it comes with a good parcel of land. Enough land in fact to have burger cows roaming for all your burger needs throughout the year. And you could grow useful things like chips. Well, you could grow potatoes, and make them into chips, no diff.  But let me just state that €69,900 is the ASKING price. If you turned up with €18K the owners might still invite you in for a cup of tea and a jammy dodger to discuss the situation.

This gaff is a three-bed. And while it is derelict, or “Derelicte” as Derek Zoolander would say, the potential to renovate this cheaply into a rural heaven is huge. And Boyle isn’t just any old place in Ireland: it is the home town of Chris O’Dowd, who we obsess over vastly here at the Almanac. Boyle is also on the gorgeous Lough Key. This place is a bargain, whether it be for a holiday home or for your actual full-time residence, we say GET IN THERE.

BrosnaCo. Kerry

This little cottage is in Brosna village, which has all of your mods cons like six different bars and not much else. It is the perfect place to escape it all. The property is also a short drive from the market towns of Abbeyfeale and Castleisland if you have more complicated needs like microwavable pizza and perhaps some orange squash. All this for just €65,000. Bargain.

Oldcastle, Co Meath


This is another possible country retreat that is going for a song. For the price of a second-hand Nissan Qashqai+2, you could be the owner of this cottage in Oldcastle, Meath. The asking price is just €20,000 for this 2-bedroom cottage. While the property needs Handy Manny and his big sexy toolbelt to come and save it from the embarrassing state it is in, it isn’t utterly derelict and in need of a solid bulldozing. It is located just outside Oldcastle Village which I can see from driving through it (on Google Maps, shut up it still counts) it looks very pretty and like a proper quaint little town.

These three property opportunities are just a few examples in a sea of many. You just have to picture how it will look in the end after the builders torment you and overcharge you by ten grand. To see more opportunities, log onto and do a search for properties under €25,000. You’ll be surprised just how many there are. You rural idyll awaits you…



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