Book a Restaurant Table in Dublin via a New App

Book a Restaurant Table in Dublin via a New App

Did you forget to book a restaurant for your Tinder date? Now you can book a table using an app on the way into the city.

Booking a table in a trendy restaurant, bar or nightclub is now easy with a new app. It is called Zazu and it goes live in Dublin this week. In the same way that the JustEat app enables you to order takeaway to your door, you can now do the same for your night out. And no human contact is necessary. Introverts, unite!

She’s gonna think I’m so damn organised!

The app is free and available on both android and Apple. Once you download it, just create a profile, and organise your night out. If you don’t have a definite place in mind, then you can search by list or interactive map for local eateries, pubs and clubs. Once you have chosen where you’d like to go, you can use your tapping finger a few times, and your reservation is confirmed by the venue directly.

The app was recently launched to its customer database of 150,000 on the website. Since then, downloads are in excess of 1,000, so it seems to be a good start.

Zazu has signed up 30 merchants around Dublin, including the Press Up Group, House Dublin, Angelina’s, The Exchequer, with more being added daily. In early 2018 Zazu will be rolled out in Cork, Limerick and Galway, before expanding overseas to the UK, Spain and Dubai.

I’m going to look like I am in control of my life. I’m not, my cats are. But appearances are everything!

Zazu integrates in the venue’s existing booking system, ensuring a prompt booking confirmation for the customer. The venue can easily update their profile information on the app, quickly highlighting special offers, attracting new customers and increasing footfall at key times. Both the venue and the customer can rate the experience, building loyalty.

The app was conceived by Ivano Caffolla, a veteran of the entertainment industry as a DJ, promoter, marketeer and venue owner. Says Caffolla, “Zazu is getting great feedback, from both the users and the venues. It’s already a clever solution for a fun and effortless night out, but we’ve plans to add more features over the coming months.”

So if you managed to convince your Tinder date to leave their cosy bedroom and come out with you at the last minute, you can organise the night out quickly and look like you have got your life together. Good luck, and may the entertainment odds be forever in your favour.


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