AutoCompleting the Counties

AutoCompleting the Counties


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Who is googling what about YOUR county? Let’s have a look!

Most of us know Autocomplete. As you type within the search box on Google, Autocomplete helps you find information quickly by displaying searches that might be similar to the one you’re typing. For example, as you start to type New York, you may be able to pick searches for other New York-related search queries, ie New York Times, New York Post etc

So where the autocomplete predictions come from? The search queries that you see as part of autocomplete are a reflection of the search activity of all web users and the content of web pages indexed by Google. So we decided to find out what would happen if we used the counties of Ireland as a “prefix” and see how google would autocomplete the search. We wanted to see what people are looking at by county. We did this search on a brand new computer and using Google Chrome package that was fresh out of the box! It was Virgin territory, so the searches could not be contaminated by any previous user on the computer.

This isn’t a reflection on what is most searched in your county. But it is a reflection of what is most searched in your county using the county as the first word in the search box. It showed some interesting results.

In summary, we are sporting mad, across all counties. We want to know what is going on with the GAA, and with other local sporting clubs, like cricket, tennis and golf. We have discovered that many, many Irish people are turning to publicly-funded organisations to help them upskill and be more educated and successful in the workplace. Welcome to the recession. We have a lot of enquiries about things to do in our counties, about genealogy, and we get lost a hell of a lot, because we like to search for maps. We also, as a nation, love the arts. Read on, and see what your countymen get up to on google.


Google autocompletes By County


Co Antrim Post

Co Antrim Yacht Club

County Antrim GAA

The County Antrim Post is a local weekly newspaper covering news, entertainment and all the GAA action from all over Antrim. So this is an obvious search for the county. Following that is the Yacht Club. It is the only County Yacht Club in the British Isles. The Patron of the club is the Duke of York. The club is about to undergo major renovations to extend the club having received £450k in funding from the lottery through SportNI. So we are guessing it is the hot topic of Antrim.

The Antrim County Board of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is one of the 32 county boards of the GAA in Ireland, and is responsible for Gaelic games in County Antrim. Antrim staged the first hurling match under the new Gaelic Athletic Association rules in Ulster in 1885. The games have always been well organised in Belfast city and hurling teams from the Glens have won considerable admiration in club competition. So this is just people following their team. Carry on, searchers.



Co Armagh Golf Club

Co Armagh Milk Cup


Co Armagh Golf Club is one of the most beautiful and accessible parkland golf courses in Ireland. No wonder everyone is looking up their website. They are trying to sneak in a sly game. The Milk Cup is an international youth football tournament held annually in Northern Ireland. The cup matches are mainly played in the North Coast area of Northern Ireland. Sports mad, we are.



Co Carlow VEC

Co Carlow Military Museum

Co Carlow RFC

The Carlow VEC is the Education and Training Board, where adults can learn further education. The VEC appears in just about every county search. Our guess is that a lot of people who are out of work might be using their time to study to try to gain an advantage in the jobs market.

The Co Carlow Military Museum is quite unique. Although small, it has a wonderful selection of exhibits, from the middle ages up to modern day, mostly related to Carlow military personnel. And kids are allowed to touch some of the guns. Nice! The Co Carlow Rugby Football Club is the home of Carlow Rugby. Still sports mad, I see.



Co Cavan Library

Co Cavan VEC

Again, it seems people are looking to better their education in Cavan. But that’s not all. The Cavan Library might not seem so interesting as a search, however Cavan Library has an interesting genealogy section for researching family history. And a lot of their resources for this are online. Hello Diaspora, we know you are searching for the Cavan Library!


Co Clare The Burren

Co Clare Things To Do

We all know that the Burren is a beautiful place in Ireland, and many people would research this place before visiting. And teamed with “things to do” searches, it shows just how much this county relies on tourism, both domestic and international for its lifeforce.


Co Cork VEC

Co Cork School of Music

Co Cork Planning


Again in Cork, people are looking to further their education at the VEC. Interesting is the School of Music search. It is Ireland’s most dynamic multi-campus music schools. They provide diverse instrumental tuition programmes in the Classical and Traditional Irish Music styles, as well as offering an exciting portfolio of ensembles, bands, musicianship classes and other music making activities! And as for the Planning? Well it looks like a lot of people are looking to extend their houses in Cork, which makes this one of the more unusual popular searches! People of the Republic of Cork! WHAT ARE YOU DONG TO YOUR HOUSES!



Co Derry Post

Co Derry Fleadh 2013

Co Derry GAA

The first edition of the County Derry Post was published on October 9, 2007. The paper, which is published each Tuesday, covers a wide area of surrounding towns. Our guess is that people are checking the sporting results! As for the Co Derry Fleadh 2013, no wonder it is hitting the top search term!  Some of the greatest traditional artists in the world will arrive in Derry this August as part of the show-stopping programme of events.

And of course, the Derry GAA – it is one of the 32 county boards of the GAA in Ireland. It is responsible for Gaelic games in County Derry in Northern Ireland. Gaelic football is the most popular of the county board’s Gaelic games. The senior football team won an All-Ireland Senior Football Championship in 1993, and has also won six National League titles and seven Ulster Championships. And it seems people just can’t stop checking up on the site!



Co Donegal VEC

Co Donegal Development Plan

Co Donegal Nickname


Again with the VEC. We are a self-educating bunch, aren’t we! And it seems like there are a hell of a lot of people working on the development plan in Donegal, we expect big things from you, Donegal County Council!  The “Nickname” search is very interesting. We here at Old Moore’s didn’t realise that there were nicknames for every county.

Nicknames for Donegal include “The Hills”. This is because the Derryveagh Mountains and Bluestack Mountains are called The Hills of Donegal in many folk songs. Donegal is also called the “Mediaeval Kingdom”, often used in place of the official Dún na nGall as the Irish name for the county. “Herring Gutters” is another term, mainly because the fishing industry is important, especially in Killybegs. And of course, there is the “The Forgotten County”. Donegal is almost cut off from the rest of the Republic of Ireland by Northern Ireland. An interesting popular search term.



Co Down Hotels

Co Down Stoves

Co Down Towns

It would make sense that hotels would hit the top searches for Co Down, it is a beautiful area with lots of tourist destinations and natural beauty spots to visit. So “towns” would also be a logical search when trying to negotiate a sightseeing trip. But Co Down Stoves. Well, Co. Down Stoves and Flues are Northern Stoves dudes, they have been around in the solid fuel industry for 20 years. This is the only commercial group that has entered this list, so they have some great marketing going on, or no one can find them in the phone book.


Co Dublin VEC

Co Dublin Hotels

Co Dublin Address

Dublin, for its position as the capital city of the Republic, has a rather boring search report card. Dubliners, like most other counties, are seeking to further their education at the VEC. Bit also, of course, people fresh off the boat are looking for hotels and looking for their way around. Pretty much they are lost and would like a hotel, please. Obvious stuff. Zzzz….



Co Fermanagh G8

Co Fermanagh Map

Co Fermanagh Hotels

The Group of Eight (G8) is a forum for the governments of eight of the world’s eleven largest national economies; not included are Brazil at 7th (IMF), India at 9th and China at 2nd. This hugely newsworthy even was held recently in Fermanagh, so no wonder everyone was researching it. The county will be remembered for the two days it welcomed eight of the world’s most powerful leaders to its beautiful lakeland. And of course, all the extra security personnel, police, journalist, and protesters had to find their way around. So they were looking up maps like crazy. And they needed hotels too. When it all dies down, what the bejapers are people going to be googling in Fermanagh next year? I reckon a reversion to researching the GAA is a safe bet.



Co Galway VEC

Co Galway Hotels

Co Galway Community Games

Again, people in Galway are furthering their education and trying to make themselves more employable. Already been and gone is the Community Games. They are an independent voluntary organisation providing opportunities for children and young people to grow and develop in a positive and healthy way while experiencing a wide range of sporting and cultural activities. They are non-political and non-sectarian operating at four levels – Area, County, Provincial and National. Sounds like fun! They have some 200,000 participants and over 10,000 volunteers in the 32 counties! No wonder they are being googled! And of course these people attending needed a place to lay their weary bodies…in hotels! But of course, the summer tourist season in Galway is well underway, so the Galway Bay Hotel is probably bursting at the seams.



Co Kerry Cricket Club

Co Kerry VEC

Co Kerry Hotels

Who would have thought Kerryians would be mad about cricket? But it seems cricket has been in Kerry for quite some time. The first reference of a cricket club is found in 1872 when County Kerry entertained Valencia Cricket Club at the military barracks square in Ballymullen, Tralee. The ground was sold in 1903 after some troublesome years and it was purchased for the GAA. The cricket club continued to use the ground, however, as cricket was not on the list of banned sports at the time. In the 1920s there was another upsurge in interest in cricket and the Bourne Vincent family of Killarney presented a County Championship trophy. Its present whereabouts is unfortunately unknown. The game appeared to have fizzled out in the late 1940s but by 1994 was on the rise again. In 2007 a new all-weather crease was put down and two nets with all-weather surfaces were also set up in the grounds of the Tralee Rugby Club. A bowling machine was purchased as well. These facilities will ensure that cricket can be played and practiced in Tralee for many years to come. So it seems a lot of cricket players are checking out their games and their scores…very interesting Kerryians…

And again the VEC makes an appearance as people try to re-skill. And the summer tourist season hits as people try to find a nice cosy hotel for their holliers.



Co Kildare VEC

Co Kildare Orchestra

Co Kildare Fáilte

The VEC is yet again a googling favourite in Kildare. But exqueeze me, Kildarians, have ye gone all refined on us? County Kildare Orchestra is an amateur orchestra based in Kildare. They play several concerts each year in Kildare and surrounding counties. The Orchestra’s repertoire spans the great musical eras from the Baroque (Bach and Handel), the Classical (Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven) to the Romantics (Sibelius, Rachmaninov, Schumann, Bruch and Elgar). And here’s the good news…the orchestra often calls on lapsed musicians to bust out their instruments and join the orchestra once again…maybe this is a hint to its popularity?

As for Co Kildare Fáilte, well it seems it is a general term for Irish people looking for touristy and fun in Kildare. If you google “Co Kildare Fáilte” you are referred to a variety of sites that will try to help you pick out something to do. Interesting, it sounds like Kildarians like to get out and about a bit.





Co Kilkenny VEC

Co Kilkenny Leader partnership

Co Kilkenny Hotels

There’s the VEC again. But here’s an interesting one: the Kilkenny Leader Partnership. More or less, this is a government organisation that has been given funding to help Kilkenny to improve the economic, social and cultural quality of life of the people, communities and small enterprises of all County Kilkenny. Nice! No wonder everyone is googling it. And during the summer tourist season, the hotels pop up again. Hotels seem to be doing a roaring trade according to Google Autocomplete! I gotta get me a hotel!



Co Laois VEC

Co Laois Death notices

Co Laois GAA results

Hello VEC, we meet again. But death notices? Are there a lot of people dying in Co Laois? Did someone famous just die in Co Laois? What’s going on? And of course, the GAA results. Laois are a dual county, enjoying comparative success at both Gaelic football and hurling. Laois are one of a select group of counties to have contested All Ireland finals in both football and hurling, and are six times Leinster Senior Football Champions, and three times Leinster Senior Hurling Champions.



Co Leitrim GAA

Co Leitrim Things to Do

Co Leitrim VEC

As for the GAA, Leitrim are never considered seriously as likely to win a major title. But still, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how hot you look when playing the game, right? Also for the tourist season, people are looking for things to do in Leitrim. Pretty much, fishing seems to be the winner. Yum, batter me up some and throw it on a plate. Hello VEC, AGAIN, you are everywhere. Stop following me.



Co Limerick VEC

Co Limerick Childcare Committee

Co Limerick Sports partnership

VEC again, as people try to educate their way into a better job or any job. As for the Childcare Committee, they have been established in 33 counties and cities to develop a co-ordinated strategy for Childcare provision in their area. So it is unclear why the search is so popular in Limerick? Maybe there are just LOADS OF KIDS in Limerick?

Again, we seem sports mad, as the Co Limerick Sports partnership shows up in the most popular searches. The Irish Sports Council created local sports partnerships as the best mechanism for delivering recreational sport to the greatest amount of people, making real the philosophy known as “sport for all”.  Well, Limerick, show us what you’ve got then!



Co Longford Golf

Co Longford VEC

Co Longford Youth Service

Sports mad again. It looks like Longford is the place people want to get a hole-in-one, and why not? Look at any golfclub in the county and they are like something for as ad of golf heaven. Courses have steams trickling through them, squirrels trying to avoid the balls, and deer meandering like Bambi looking all cute and shiz. Yep, I’m off to Longford to play golf.

Also the VEC makes it appearance known and people try to educate themselves out of a recession. And the Co Longford Youth Service makes itself known in Autocomplete. The purpose of Co Longford Youth service company is to promote positive change in the areas of social, economic, environmental, community and cultural development throughout County Longford by empowering the communities and special issue groups to promote the development of their own areas.  According to Co Longford Youth Service they want to address the issues of poverty, unemployment, low levels of female participation in the labour market; low levels of educational attainment, underemployed farmers and farmers leaving the sector; lack of rural transport and high levels of isolation being experienced; lack of infrastructure and services for the youth; lack of tourism development. Well no wonder the Youth Service is being googled, they have a fair bit of work to do.



Co Louth Golf

Co Louth VEC

Co Louth Agricultural Show

It seems that if you are going to play golf, Louth and Longford is where you want to be heading. Louth, again, has some awesome golfing spots. If you can’t play well after being inspired by the scenery in Co Louth, then you need to give up golf, and go play cricket in Kerry. Already been and gone is the Co Louth Agricultural Show. It has been running for the past 124 years. It is obviously a bit hit in the area! We know this because every man and his dairy cow is googling it!



Co Mayo VEC

Co Mayo Attractions

Again with the VEC, people in Mayo are not immune to the recession. And attractions! Of course, Mayo is one of the most interesting counties for tourists, with falconry, jaw-dropping landscapes, and historical places of interest.



Co Meath Golf Club

Co Meath VEC

Co Meath Attractions

It seems people who are visiting Meath want to play golf, further their education, and see lots of interesting cool stuff. Well Meath is your place for all that. With its scenic places and excellent funparks like Tayto park, Meath has it all…and let’s not forget the VEC, a favourite in every county.



Co Monaghan VEC

Co Monaghan Fund Enterprise Board


This gives us a good picture about what is on people’s minds in Co Monaghan. People are looking to further their education. And they are looking to start their own businesses, perhaps after being out of work for some time. Hang in there Monaghanians, we are all coming soon to see your beautiful forests!



Co Offaly VEC

Co Offaly Facts

Co Offaly Towns


Offaly’s effort at popular searches has comes up rather cryptic. Yes we know you are looking to better your education. But facts? Lots and lots of people want to know facts about you? Are you super-interesting or something? And Towns, people want to know about your towns? Why oh why do people want to know things about you? We are stumped.



Co Roscommon VEC

Co Roscommon Historical and Archaeological Society

Co Roscommon Map

After searching for further education options, Co Roscommonians seem to love nothing better than a bit of Archaeology, and why not? Co Roscommon is one of the more interesting counties when it comes to history, with the Boyle Abbey and other sites drawing many visitors. And of course all of these punters need a map to get there. Doesn’t anyone use satnavs anymore?



Co Sligo Golf Club

Co Sligo Races

Co Sligo Youth theatre

Another golf-mad county. We Irish are a bit mental for a spot of golf, are we not? With the Sligo horse races coming up in mid-July, it’s obvious that Sligo’s best-known race day will be top of the google searches too. But here’s Sligoians showing off their artistic cred: coming in at third place is the Youth theatre. We are all a bit cultured in Sligo, are we not? There is a strong arts and theatrical history in Sligo. W.B. Yeats and his brother the artist Jack B. Yeats are strongly associated with Sligo and much of their work is set there.



Co Tipperary Skillnet

Co Tipperary GAA

Co Tipperary On the River Suir

It looks like Tipperarians are upskilling themselves like mad with the Skillnet coming up as the number one google search. Much like the VEC showing up all the time, it looks like the recession has led to many people using their time to make themselves valuable in a highly competitive workplace. And as for the GAA, County Tipperary holds an honoured place in the history of the GAA as the organisation was founded in Hayes’ Hotel, Thurles, on 1 November 1884. Tipperary won the All-Ireland Minor Football Championship title in 2011. Tipperary’s hurling team succumbed to their heaviest defeat in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship since 1897 against Kilkenny in 2012.

As for the search, “Co Tipperary On the River Suir” all I can say is what the??



Co Tyrone Google Maps

Co Tyrone Map

Co Tyrone Songs

It looks like a hell of a lot of people are getting lost in Co Tyrone. The two top searches involve maps. Dear Co. Tyrone: can you get your road signs sorted please.

But interestingly, Co. Tyrone songs shows up and the third most popular search using the “Co. Tyrone” prefix. And strangely, there are lists of songs about Tyrone available for download. Who are you people buying songs about Tyrone? Make yourselves known!



Co Waterford VEC

Co Waterford Hotels

Co Waterford Community Forum


Waterfordians, like everyone else, are looking to upskill in a competitive job market with searchers for the VEC. But of course, with us thigh-high in the summer holiday season, people are looking to go to Waterford and get a nice hotel room, and have a little flap in the sea. Ahhh heaven.

So what’s this about the The Community Forum? It was set up in 2001 to ensure that the voice of the community and voluntary sector is represented in the economic, social and cultural development of the county. It is a non-political organisation that enables community and voluntary organisations across the county to voice issues and concerns relating to the development of their communities. It all sounds very collaborative. Okay all you Waterfordians go collaborate, while I have a nice swim at Dunmore East.



Co Westmeath VEC

Co Westmeath Map

Co Westmeath Genealogy

Again with the VEC, upskilling and making oneself more employable. And lots of people getting lost on the way to the VEC needing maps. But here’s an interesting one, Co Westmeath Genealogy. And here’s why it is of interest to anyone researching genealogy. A lot of people’s ancestors had to flee Westmeath, as it was very badly hit by the famine. Between one fifth and a quarter of the population of 1840s Westmeath died or were forced to emigrate because of the Great Famine. And not only did they flee to America, Australia and Canada, many people fled to Argentina. Why?  Their sheep-rearing skills were much valued. So it is statistically likely that many people will end up tracing their relatives back to Westmeath more than other counties who weren’t so savagely affected by the famine.



Co Wexford VEC

Co Wexford Community Workshop

Co Wexford School of Music


Hello again VEC, I see you are busy helping people to upskill in a recession. An interesting search is that for Co. Wexford Community Workshop, founded in 1975 by volunteers. It has grown to become one of the south-east’s largest providers of services to children and adults with an intellectual disability and their families. And also, another popular search for Wexford is that of the School of Music. This is a gaff where you can learn music, learn to put on a swanky show, and go to a musical summercamp. We are showing, via our searches, just how much we are into the arts as a nation.



Co Wicklow Partnership

Co Wicklow VEC

Co Wicklow Lawn Tennis Club


The Wicklow Partnership comes up as the most popular search. The organisation wants to effect change in the county by supporting the social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing of individuals, families, groups and communities. Also the VEC makes itself known once again. But interestingly, the Lawn Tennis Club makes an appearance. The club was established in 1894. Along the way it doubled up as a cricket club and rugby club, but it reverted back to a full tennis club. Now it is a very popular spot, with tiny kids learning tennis, all the way through to seniors having a hit.


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