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The Evolutionary Importance of Love

Ever wondered why love sells? It’s everywhere: advertising, marketing, movies…we all want it. And now a study has shown us why. Humans are extremely choosy when it comes to mating,

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If Humans Burn the Earth’s Remaining Fossil Fuel, Dublin, Cork and Galway will go Under

This is gonna take more than wellies. New work from an international team including Carnegie’s Ken Caldeira demonstrates that the planet’s remaining fossil fuel resources would be sufficient to melt

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Old Moore gets some fantastic email trying to take his hard-earned money. It has taken him 251 years to become this famous, and people just keep trying to fleece him.

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Scholar Discovers “Missing Piece” of a Bronze-Age Irish Horn, And Now Can Bust Out Tunes

The 3-D printed artefact (left) with mouthpieces of a modern trumpet (right) and French horn.Credit: Stuart Hay, ANU It was thought that Irish music entered a sort of “dark age”

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Get a 1:1 tarot card reading Phone tarot readings are available with Old Moore’s Astrologer/Tarot Consultant Julian de Burgh. Phone readings are available worldwide via regular land line in Ireland