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Then there is help available for you. Phew! You won’t die alone with your 75 pet cats/dogs/raccoons eating you.

Have you been playing the online dating sites? It’s like an extreme sport, isn’t it? You can’t get the ones you like to like you, and the ones who like you are flying the red flags so high that you mistake it for the sunset.

Well maybe you CAN get the ones you like to like you back. You just might need a little help. Enter Tracey Ferguson, who is based in Galway. She has launched a site called “Dating’s Little Helper.” It is a confidential Irish editing service for your online dating profile.

Tracey promises to transform your online dating profile, and polish you into something suitable for society at large. She says, “It’s so hard to write about yourself. All you do is answer a few short easy questions and then Dating’s Little Helper can send you your perfectly-edited self-description.”

And it makes sense. More people are meeting online with numbers tripling in the past year on dating sites across the country. registered a jump of 95% in new members at the top of the year, compared with numbers for 2014.

Says Tracey, “The biggest challenge facing users is the writing of a good self-description. It’s impossible to be objective about yourself. Despite your level of communications skills, identifying your best traits, describing your perfect mate and translating them into exactly the right words can be challenging. Dating’s Little Helper has come to the rescue. For a flat fee of €50 we will write or edit your dating profile and advise on your best profile pic. We also provide guidelines on online dating etiquette, what to do, what not to do and how to avoid trolls. As more and more singletons make finding love via online channels a reality, setting up your profile can be a daunting affair. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so your online profile has to project your best side forward to potential mates.”

Need help, you hopeless git? Email and hopefully love will be yours!


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