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Irish Men Have The Hardest Time in the Whole World When Dating Online

The most difficult country a man can choose for online dating is Ireland. According to a new study, Irish men are wasting their time on dating apps, because Irish women

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There are More Fatal Motorcycle Crashes on a Full Moon, and it’s Even Worse on a Supermoon

This is for all of you who think that astrological movements don’t affect our lives… The full moon is associated with an increased risk of fatal motorcycle crashes in the

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Astro Tourism In Ireland Is The Next Big Thing

Offering tourists a look at a vast dark night sky with no light pollution is our next big tourism trump card. And we can achieve this with Ireland’s new Dark-Sky

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Storytellers Had More Children Than Even the Butchest Hunters

This all sounds very Early Irish… Before religion was a thing, storytelling promoted co-operation in hunter-gatherers, a new UCL study reveals. The research shows that hunter-gatherer storytellers were essential in

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