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The International Rise of the Irish Tribal Tattoo

Across the world, people are feeling a need to connect with their “tribe” – especially in New World countries. Body Art with Irish Celtic themes are becoming in demand as

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Home Exchange Holidays Tried Out – Your Irish House for Someone Else’s House

Home swapping holidays are on the rise. Daisy Murphy shows you why. My family went to Portugal for a holiday several years ago. When we got there, the Algarve was

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Old Moore’s Almanac of 1914: Free Land in Canada, Tragic Shipwrecks and Women’s Rights

We take a look back at the 1914 edition of Old Moore’s Almanac – and what it shows us about life in Ireland at the time. The 1914 edition of

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What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You? Within a Few Years, You Will Know.

Soon we will have devices that will enable our dogs to talk back to us. “I talk to my dog all day long,” says Daisy Murphy of South Dublin. “He

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Dying Irish Christmas Lore Which is way too Lovely to Lose to History

These days, Christmas can make us feel like we have reached “peak stuff.” A modern Christmas is made up of awful crowds, getting trapped in shopping centre car parks, and