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The Irish “Countess” and Her Restored Chateau

Comtesse Maeve Hoffman, an Irish woman who moved to France to create the ultimate dream renovation, tells us her story. My parents were huge Francophiles and spent nearly all their holidays

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#FreeMelania is Trending

Yes international politics has kept us talking. Whether you love Trump and think he gives the U.S. some hope for the future, or whether you would have rather seen Hillary

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Aquarians Win the Most Prize Bonds

So… any Aquarians want to buy prize bonds with me? First of all, what are prize bonds? Here in Ireland, when the government wants to raise money, they sell prize

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Top Wedding Trends For 2017

Getting hitched in 2017? Here’s some ideas for you to either fawn over or savagely ignore. Wedding trends come and go like the tide. So these could be obsolete by

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January is the Peak Month for an Affair to Start

After being locked up with their significant other in an unevenly-heated house over the Christmas break… with their damn awful relatives, people are broken. BROKEN. Divorce lawyers across the country