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New Tropical Mistletoe Discovered

The UN’s International Year of Biodiversity drew out some weird, wonderful and stunning discoveries. Among them was a new type of mistletoe. Get ready for much more kissing! Called Wild

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Americans are Starting to Prefer European-Style Christmas Trees

The minimalist European tree is rising.   The Fraser fir is popular among American consumers looking for beautiful, long-lasting Christmas trees. Consumers favour the Fraser fir for its conical shape,

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Study Supports the Theory that Men are Idiots

With the Christmas party coming up, remember who to stay away from after drink number six… yes the guy dancing on the top of the refrigerator. Sex differences in risk-seeking

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What the Hell is Frankincense and Myrrh Anyway

At this time of year it is hard to escape the old Biblical myth of the Three Wise Men. They rode their camels across an ancient desert, looking at the

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New Irish Legal Drama STRIKING OUT is Nearly Ready for you to Binge Upon

A new legal drama set in Dublin and starring Amy Huberman, is about to hit Ireland, and then U.S.A. Acorn Media has partnered with Blinder Films, DCD Rights, and RTÉ

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