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Will We Get A White Christmas in 2016?

Let’s see what Old Moore says. Old Moore is known for his astoundingly accurate weather predictions. So what does he predict for this coming Christmas? In the 2016 edition of

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Fancy, Protected Indigenous Irish Food Hits the International Market

So we all know that now, Champagne can only be from the Champagne region of France, using specific production methods unique to the region. Same goes for Prosciutto di Parma

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According to Tweets, Hilary Will Be the Overlord of the USA

Old Moore has predicted for years that Hilary would run for president of the U.S. And one of his main predictions for 2016 is that she would win. While this

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63% of Irish People Not in Favour of ‘Daylight Saving’

When you turned the clocks back this weekend, you carried on a tradition that is now 100 years old. The concept of ‘daylight saving’ was introduced in Ireland under British