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A Father’s Influence Makes for Better Grades

Dads from low-income settings in particular need to get more involved more in their children’s education. The warmth of a father’s love has a special influence on young people, and

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Autumn is the Peak Time for Affairs to Start

According to a cheating website, this is the prime sign-up time of year. January is traditionally the time unhappy couples initiate divorce proceedings. And, autumn is the season for marrieds

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Gardaí Called in to Stop Christmas Tree thefts

Irish Christmas tree growers are busy chopping down trees, ready to sell for our Christmas celebrations. But little did we know the growers have had to act like ninja lumberjacks

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Old Moore’s Favourite Christmas Present Ideas…

Yes it’s that time of year where we try to avoid buying socks for men and cleaning gadgets for women. Here are some Christmas present ideas that seriously do not

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An App That Tells You Which Houses Are Haunted

In Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China, if a person dies in their house, the house is then often hard to sell. This is because it is seen as having